Tyga Reacts To Kylie Jenner Baby Stormi Reveal | Hollywoodlife

Tyga Reacts To Kylie Jenner Baby Stormi Reveal | Hollywoodlife

– Tyga reacts to seeing Stormi’s
face for the first time. Kylie Jenner is hoping
Travis Scott marries her. Kourtney Kardashian and Younes
Bendjima may have broken up. Plus, whoa, was Kendall Jenner hospitalized before the Oscars? Hey guys, it’s Ali with your
most necessary story of the day and the blast is reporting
Kenny Jenner was sent to Cedar-Sinai hospital in Beverly Hills during Oscar weekend. The site claims Kendall was
treated for a bad reaction to a vitamin drip IV. This is a little known
secret in Hollywood. Sometimes stars will get
intravenous fluids before a red carpet because it
gives you kind of a plump and glow in your face. Kendall was OK apparently and
the only thing that was really looked fuller were her lips. It’s a little surprising
Kendall made this appearance because she was just MIA
during Milan fashion week and then Paris. However, we’re hearing
exclusively Kenny’s attendance at the Oscars party was
more for networking. Kendall had a great time rubbing
shoulders with Hollywood’s elite and she’s hoping to
make connections in case she decide to get into more acting. Kendall knows modeling
has a short shelf life and is preparing to shift
careers when it’s finally over. Speaking of over, did
Kourtney and her 24 year old boy toy Younes Bendjima split? We literally just got PDA
footage looking in love on Keeping Up but Kourt
suddenly deleted her Instagram and then Younes made his account private. Some eagle eyed fans also
noticed the couple unfollowed each other, this is
obviously the universal sign of a break up, and a bad one. On top of that, Younes may
have sent Kourt a message via his Instagram story, using what else when it comes to social media,
a fake Denzel Washington quote that reads, I’m both
introvert and extrovert. I like people, but I need to be alone. I’ll go out, vibe, and meet new people, but it has an expiration
because I have to recharge. Younes was crying in the fetal
position when he posted this. But okay, to someone who was probably all smiles: Scott Disick. Our reporters in LA with
sources close Kourt’s baby daddy says if it turns out Kourt
really did ghost Younes, he’ll surly ghost Sofia to get back with his ex and the kids. They say Scott hasn’t
stopped loving Kourtney and if this is a chance to
make things right again, he’ll take it. Well unfortunately for Scotty,
Kourtney and Younes’ split didn’t last too long because
they just now made their accounts public again and
are now following each other. To another ex, Tyga is
still very heartbroken about losing Kylie. He just released yet
another music video with yet another Kylie look a like. This time for the track King of the Jungle which he basically admits
Kylie caught him cheating. Tyga has also been apparently
working on his dance moves. Easy there Usher, not sure
how I feel about this. Our T-Raw sources also
say he’s devastated after seeing Stormi’s baby pics online. Stormi is a painful reminder
for Tyga about how things could have been if he
had treated Kylie better. Tyga’s so hopeless after
finally seeing Stormi’s face. He’s also stopped pressuring
Kylie for a DNA test and is coming to terms with the fact that he’s not the father. It’s a good thing T is
coming back to reality because we’re also told Kylie and Travis Scott’s relationship’s only getting stronger. Our reporters with sources
close to Kylie say watching Travis hold their daughter
has made her fall more in love with both of them. Does this mean a wedding
could be on the way? Well we’re also told Kylie
doesn’t want Travis to feel too comfortable with their
co-parenting situation and is hoping he takes the
next step and proposes. Kylie would love to be a
young bride and have a big family with Travis, however
Ky is adamant about having only one baby daddy. She doesn’t wanna be
like Blac Chyna out here and she doesn’t want
anymore kids until La Flame puts a ring on it. Okay, I’m a pull a Tyga
and pass it right over here to our subscribe button. Boom, hit that and give us
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  1. I don't believe any of this shit on this video. I legit watch it to talk shit about what they say is "true"

  2. Don't wanna be like Blac China with more than one baby daddy! Why didn't you say she don't wanna be like her momma wth more than one baby daddy you racist heifer

  3. So she keeps complaining about her mental health why she's everywhere stay home away from the spot lights that's why I think all her pullshit is for publicity!!!!!

  4. Tyga was kylie's bf for the longest tym but she decided to hv a baby with travis instead,who she knew just a year ago. I find this soo weird like wtf!!

  5. Tyga sucks he misses her money 💰 and trips I told you he was not the father Plus that baby looks NOTHING Like him or his son You're not the father Sorry 😐 Tigerettes lmbo

  6. OMGGGGG stormi is ADORABLE she so cute but this is my first time seeing her full face👨‍👩‍👧

  7. I feel so bad for tyga. He was with Kylie for years and then the second they break up Kylie
    and Travis were a thing and like a month later she’s pregnant. She shouldn’t have jumped into another man’s arms the second she broke up with him. Now she has a damn child and tyga is just in an awkward situation

  8. Travis not stupid? I'm pretty sure he probably had a DNA test, before this Baby was even develop good🤔

  9. You’ll said she doesn’t want to be like Black Chyna 😂. You mean she doesn’t want to be like her mom who has 3 baby daddies.

  10. I don't feel bad for Tyga, he shouldn't have cheated on Kylie. If he really did love her then he would not have cheated on her.

    I think that these celebrities need to learn that if you love someone then you do NOT cheat on them, ever. They also need to learn that if they DO like someone else and want to go out with them, they should break up with their current girlfriend/boyfriend and not cheat on them first! 😡

  11. More acting? Outside of the controversial commercial which was pulled what else has she acted in….no shade i just want to know

  12. Ever wonder how they get all this info, I don't see any of the Kardashians or Jenners talk about it… Hm seems like rumours

  13. Yeah don't do sex with two guy at the same time might u get confused who's the father 😂 love u little Kylie so cute baby

  14. So the only person u could compare her to was Blac Chyna? Black Chyna has the same number of baby daddies as Kris Jenner. 2 of them. Yes they are from her husbands (think on it) but let's stop throwing stones when we live in glass houses. Not one of us is without sin.

  15. I love the fact that Kenndall seems to have since and value than her sisters. They need to be taking notes!!🤔

  16. You are so wrong to call out BlacChyna like that. Hell Kylie don’t have to be like her she can be like her damn mama who has multiple baby daddies. That was so disrespectful of you!!! Kylie is no damn angel. Stormi does look like Tyga and she ain’t proved shit by showing a picture. She just made things worse. It was a hoe move anyway to screw two men around the same damn time. You acting like that hoe got morals. That’s a straight up hoe move and I hope Chyna whoops your ass for calling her out like that! You were wrong for that. You were doing good until you went there and I bet you won’t tell Chyna that to her face. Let Kylie be her own stealing fiancé hoe ass without bashing another female. Go to hell!

  17. Alright all I’m seeing is that ohh stomri has asian eyes like tyga but have you seen kylies eyes when she was a baby because everyone just jumps to conclusions 🙄

  18. Just a question why do the Kardashian’s/Jenner’s name there kids the weirdest names like next kids name is gonna be named apple pie Kardashian like r u just asking for people to cyber bully ur kids more than they already will for just being ur kids

  19. Omg these Kardashian girls are such sluts. They think they have it all and they are such attention whores and divas.

  20. Congrats tyga on your baby its light skinned and your meant to be with that women not that game auto tune rapper

  21. kylie jenner breast feeds her baby for the first time

  22. Why do people like this type of stuff? These people are just some random people who got famous and act like they are better then people like us, and by the the way they are just like us no better. Some are even lower.

  23. ayyhhh que metiches no manches all they do i fucking open there mouth. can you guys just shut your big mouth

  24. Boi Kylie looks like she never wanted stormi because she went to chochella like you r suppose to take care of ur baby like estupida🙄

  25. That baby look just like tyga and King. She know danm well that ain't Travis baby. Am I the only one with eyes? Yep karma gone come for her too for holding on to this lie. And this Gurl talking needs to find a new stylist with her ugly ass grandma clothes running her mouth Gurl bye.

  26. kylie THINKS she wants a big family with travis….give it another year…she's too young. she needs to enjoy her youth

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