[ UNBOXING] BT21 Cosmetics || يوم مع تاتا

[ UNBOXING] BT21 Cosmetics || يوم مع تاتا

hello everyone, I’m Rmsky. Welcome to my new video I decided to spoil myself from now on *talking to herself* Hi Rama I want to soil you I want to reward you and let’s ne friends I’m very excited I don’t know what to do take it down, take it easy I bought BT21 stuff I bought Tata stuff only if you want me to buy all members BT21 stuff, let this video reach 50k likes then I swear I’ll buy them all I need to do unpackaging together wait *breath* control, control.. Rama control I touch it this’s Tae, and.. I already wear makeup but still I’ll try it this’s Tata’s foundation oh my God I’m shaking you have to see my leg it happens when I’m nervous I’m not controlling it there’s some things else I’ll show you guess what’s in it? I don’t know how to open this oh my God I’m scare stay still my legs, please! I ordered small size still there’s one last thing why is it so small? wait, what? Tae’s poster and Tata’s lipstick I thought it bigger than this, look at how small it is omg so cute is it normal being in this size? I’ll compare it with my usual lipstick the right one is the normal size I’m going to put all the stuff on me, I’m too excited I’ll wear the pajama first ok I can’t take it, Rama control yourself now! it’s so soft¬ wait I’m going to wear the shirt I feel like I’m a prisoner I was afraid it turns out smaller, but it’s perfect this’s so stylish can I wear it outside? I mean I don’t have to use it as a pajama! oh God I’ll go insane. I’ll live my daily life wearing it it has a pocket here is there any else where? uh no just one let’s try to put on the foundation and the lipstick I’ll remove my lipstick. why did I makeup myself from the first place? idiot Rama is that mean that Tata kisses me?! oooh it smells like strawberry NO RAMA YOU IDIOT it’s not mat I covered all my lips now good quality no joking does that mean Tata will love me now! or Taehyung would love this kind of lipstick!! I removed my usual foundation I’ve never bought this kind of Korean foundation before it feels very soft it looks darker than my skin wait what! it’s not dark it has no smell I can see it from my place! I usually don’t oh wait! even you can see it through the camera! it covers very well the coverage even better from my usual foundation! my friend gave it to me as my birthday gift as you saw on one of my videos I’ll show you again now look at this toothbrush super big the effect of this toothpaste lasts for a long time this video is just for Tae because he’s my bias and his birthday’s soon that’s why I bought just Tata’s BT21 if you want me to buy other members stuff then go comment your opinion bellow and tell me what do you want me to try from BT21 stuff next I’m still shocked, the foundation is really great the lipstick is not really my style but it’s good and I don’t like to put my lipstick all over my lips next time will be for the rest of BTS members if you want me to film a video for them, write your comment bellow and like my video this’s BTS pajama and Tata’s foundation & lipstick this was my reward to myself. Rama love yourself CUT! imagine Tae wore this pajama!! take the pajama off Rama! (Translated by: Nyctophilexl)

About the Author: Earl Hamill


  1. لاتنسوا تسوا لايك عشان اشتري باقي الاغراض 50k like نقدر عليها صح شعشبونات 😽؟

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  3. راما تاي قد لبس نفس البيجاما ولله حتى انا انصدمت يوم دريت استانست مره يوم دريت

  4. وسأل هل بي تي اس يستعملون مكياج هم او ملابسهم إلي يبيعوها؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟

  5. 7.29 لما كون حالي بالبيت ههه
    البيجاما مستحيل تشلحيها هههه
    تخيلي لو BTS اشتركوا في قناتك كل يوم تنزلين فديو ههه

  6. Libghat hed products dial bts BT21❤️ dekhol hed Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/BzlK7hnHrWA/?igshid=1dvm5i4taln8t
    Raha dayera mosaba9a box BTS😍

  7. تمثلينييييي واخيراً لقيت وحده مجنونه زيي😂😂😭😭💜💜 i purple u too

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  17. 3:39
    Is thet mean that Tata kisses my?
    Wtf!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂
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  25. اعوذ بلاه انتي ما يخلص الميكب الي تسوينهاللهم سكنهم في مساكنهم

  26. Plz stoop I’m crying right now omg I love you VVVVV you are my favorite personality in your group love you so much omggggggg 😭😭😭😭😭😢😩😫

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