Use This Once A Week And Your Hair Will Never Stop Growing! !!| Black Rice Water Fenugreek Horsetail

Use This Once A Week And Your Hair Will Never Stop Growing! !!| Black Rice Water Fenugreek Horsetail

Hi guys, welcome to my channel if you’re new here, my name is Selina Zinchuk welcome I hope you consider joining our family by hitting that subscribe button down below To my own subscriber thank you so much for coming back. Today we’re gonna be making a hair spritz And a overnight hair growth solution. We’re gonna be using fenugreek seed, black rice water, and horsetail if you haven’t seen the video on Horsetail, I will leave it down below in the description box for you to check it out. I’m using 2 table spoon of fenugreek seed to 2 cups of water Then I will be using 1/2 cup of rice – 1 cup of water make sure you clean your rice to get the impurities out from the factory After just give All of them a good stir and then we are going to cover this and leave it to infuse properly for 24 hours I use 1/4 cup of horsetail herb – 1 cup of water It been 24 hour’s Our ingredients are ready. I’m just going to use a sifter so that I can strain it In this recipe, we are using only the solution So to not throw your fenugreek seed and your black rice away I have a video on my channel showing you how to make a deep conditioner out of that I will leave that video down in the description box also for you to check it out I’m not going to go in details today on the importance of all of these Ingredients because I also have those videos on my channel. I will also leave them down in the description box for you To make this an easy application on your scalp and your hair I’m using a spray bottle At this moment. I’m not using any measurement. I’m just going to eyeball it You can use this treatment as a daily refresher on your hair and scalp and also as an overnight treatment this will help to strengthen your hair and increase faster hair growth I got my black rice water fenugreek and horsetails solution here This is my DIY growth oil, this video is also on my channel both of them I would leave it down below in the description box for you to check it out Tomorrow is my wash day. So I’m going to be doing a pre-poo treatment Tonight and then I would sleep with it on until tomorrow and then I would go in To my regular wash day. I don’t know about you guys but when it comes to my wash That is something about it that I just love I just love when I’m giving my hair all the care that it needs for it to keep scrubbing and growing Beautiful. So I’m going to be doing a hot oil treatment tonight and then I got my hot water here. I’m just going to pour some into this And then I will set my mixture in that And the rest of it I would set my oil into it now I’m going to leave this for Anywhere between one to two minutes and then after I would check it make sure it’s not too hot before applying it my hair been in this bun for at least Five or six days. So it is really really tangled up. I have my condition here I’m just going to have this next to me just in case I need some extra slip So let’s just jump right into this video I’m done applying the treatment on my hair I’m going to cover my head with two Plastic bag to trap the heat in and then I’m also going to put my bonnet over it and go to bed and then tomorrow I will continue my wash day I love doing this treatment overnight because I benefit from the treatment and I also get to Finger detangle my hair so that I can eliminate breakage. I can feel the knots and take it out easily so this is something good that you can do to strengthen you’re hair to Increase your growth rate and this is all-natural great ingredients so with this treatment I benefit it’s like one stone curing two birds because I get to detangle my Hair and then I also get to benefit from the treatment overnight If you decide to give this a try, please let me know. How you love it I ended up not using the conditioner because the hot oil and the hot Solution that I made it just made my hair so soft and my fingers were just gliding through the knots so I ended up just using Those two and then I got rid of the conditioner So if you loved this video, can you please give me a like leave a comment down below and subscribe? I will see you in my next video Bye. Bye

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  1. I really like your accent where are you from? Horsetail is on the list of herbs i have to buy but its so hard to get it where i live lol

  2. OMG your ads that I was watching was really hilarious, that man got an artificial hair by the application of the dye lol.
    Is really hard for one to notice that is not his real hair lol.

  3. You are really nourishing your natural hair so good, is really taking a lots of goodies

    I love how full and long it looks..does your hair sheds?

  4. Selina your hair keep growing so long and healthy. I order the horsetail from Amazon and mine just arrived. I already got my black rice and fenugreek so I will be making mine tonight. Thanks for an awesome DIY.

  5. Yeah, exactly how I love doing my hot 🔥 oil treatment, the next morning your hair will feel so good. Thanks again for your awesome tips full as always 🤗

  6. Hi my lovely YouTube family. In this video I will be showing you one of my secret recipe to be able to strengthen, and keep your hair growing and healthy all year round. If you want to know more about horsetail herb you can check this video out. . Thanks for being part of my family. Xoxo

  7. Thank you for sharing sis I’m trying to get back some volume in my hair My hair was damaged and it’s a bit thin now, will this help?

  8. That’s so informative and very practical because they have great benefits , you almost finish the spray 😁your hair is so full and beautiful 😍❤️

  9. ☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️I always learn something new from you sis, wowwwww, you are blessed without limit. God richly bless you

  10. Your hair is growing very long,thanks for sharing your hair product is really helpful. Is helping my hair to grow well

  11. Hi Selina, how is the smell of this? I really need you to package this and sell it. LOL. I actually have been spraying the rice water in my roots 1-3x's a week and I really think it is making my hair grow a lot! I'm sooo glad you told me about it. I love that this is an overnight treatment and you can finger detangle after it. Also, that is great you didn't even have to use the conditioner.

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