Vampire Facial – What you Need To Know Before You Go Under the Needle

Vampire Facial – What you Need To Know Before You Go Under the Needle

I want to suck your blood Hi everybody it’s Alex I am really excited today because we’re going to the spa I am going to Sadhna wellness in Jericho New York they got in touch with me and they want to give me a vampire facial so that’s the facial that you might remember that Kim Kardashian got where her whole face was covered in blood so that’s what we’re doing today that’s gonna happen to my face Dr “we gonna first aspirate the poor one away we gonna just be using on top of your face the glider for the micro-needling and the rich one will be injected into your lines” my face is totally numb we put some numbing cream on my face after we washed it then we took some blood out of my arm and now the blood is spinning in the machine over there and then it’s going to get injected into my face, sounds legitimate that’s my blood spinning around – Dr “doing anything?” just like a little pinprick nothing intense – Dr “it’s tolerable right?” yeah – Dr “feel anything?” not really I mean it just kind of feels like vibrating like it’s not painful like it sounds like it should be okay so we’re all done I’m obviously like red in places and I’m still very frozen like it’s weird to move his face but it didn’t really hurt yeah so now I’m going to be kind of bread and sunburned looking for like a day or two and then kind of like sandpapery is the all the little holes he’ll but then I’ll be the gorgeous beautiful brand-new face person okay so it’s been like four hours since the treatment ended and as you can see I’m still pretty red I’m so red I’m so very red this is the kind of thing that you’re not going to want to go out right afterwards I’m definitely staying home tonight and I’m going to binge watch some Netflix okay guys so it’s officially 24 hours since I had the procedure done and as you can see my forehead is a bit crazy town right now the rest of my face is totally fine I have this one little pimple that came out of nowhere I don’t know if that’s related probably but generally speaking this is good and this is like crazy so the good people at Sadhna provided me with these treatments so one is a cleanser I’ve used that only once the repair cream has hyaluronic acid in it so used it once yesterday and then again today the third thing that they gave me is called restore so this is a bit more of a moisturizer so I used this a bunch yesterday and their suggestions on what to do they say you know apply it every two hours for the first 24 hours so I try to keep to that and then I’m using again today the last thing that they gave me is a protection so this is a tinted SPF it’s kind of cool actually like pumps out then you just like put it on your skin so it’s like one color fits all and I don’t know if it’s exactly me but the important thing is that you’re not really supposed to go out and sunshine right now so while your face is healing you need to be wearing hats and having sun protection and wearing SPF after I used this steps one two and three my face still feels kind of dry so I’ve been using this avocado oil just as a moisturizer all over which has been really soothing and actually made it feel a lot better so if you don’t know what a homeopathic remedy kit is it’s all these little homeopathic vials and if you go through the book they tell you you know if you’re suffering from whatever to use each of these it tells you which ones to use so the one that I use is arnica which is good for bruising because they said I would be getting some bruising and the other one that I took because it was for like cuts and wounds and I figured that that’s kind of what I did to myself on purpose I’m kind of thankful that really only the forehead and a little bit right here is where the worst of it is and that’s because the skin here is really fine and thin and it’s right against the bone they did a couple of deeper injections with the PRP which is the blood platelets into the lines in my forehead to I don’t know make them go away more so it’s Monday morning I am ready for work I had to definitely put some makeup on this morning because ya didn’t want to go to work looks like that the girl did say that if you have acne that it can kind of like make it a lot worse so if you’re somebody who has active acne the vampire facial is not for you but so I was getting a bunch of weird kind of like whitehead so I went back to my regular Rodan + Fields acne regimen for like my eyes and below and then it did say to use like this product so the tinted moisturizer I put it on it didn’t really provide any coverage really so I went with my regular Foundation which is Arbonne and so this is good because they actually said to use mineral based foundation and this is a mineral based foundation so I hope it’s not that bad when I did all my research online about the vampire facial it seemed like the recovery time was real low it would be you know no downtime really so this feels like downtime and if I didn’t have to go to work today I probably wouldn’t it’s Tuesday morning and my face is still crazy yesterday afternoon I noticed some super dryness kind of around these areas and then last night kind of this section and this section has gotten really dry it feels like this whole piece of skin just needs to like come off I talked to the doctor at Sadhna Wellness yesterday and he said that that was pretty normal and I should just continue to use the regimen that they gave me and it would be fine in a couple of days okay so all of this area is super super dry and like peeling and flaking and this area is doing that times like a hundred so I moisturized I sunscreened I primered I tinted moisturized and then I foundationed and then I powdered so much stuff this is like 10 times more makeup than I normally wear on a regular day I’m like a Monet good from far but far from good it’s Wednesday morning I’m getting ready for work again and thankfully this is mostly cleared up all of the peeling from yesterday is pretty much done there’s still like a little bit on the you know outskirts of the forehead but like everything else seems to be well moisturized because I’ve been moisturizing like crazy I also did a lot of exfoliating and picking which maybe I shouldn’t have been doing but when there’s on your face to pick, you pick it what have been noticing is that having this happen on my face has kicked up a lot of emotional dirt and by that I mean I’m super self-conscious about it I’m thinking about it all the time I’m wondering if it’s showing I’m wondering if when I’m talking to people people are looking at it I spent a lot of years with acne and eczema and I have realized that for the last like six months I haven’t have a single breakout I didn’t really realize how great that actually is until now because now that I have this to deal with which thankfully today should be pretty easy to cover up I didn’t realize how great it is not to have to think about the state of my skin check the link below I’m going to share the products that I’ve been using I’ve used so many different products I’ve used all-natural and I’ve used super chemical and so this falls somewhere in between but it actually works ok guys it’s Thursday morning this is the first day this week that I feel like my face actually looks kind of normal I’m still waiting for the amazing fantastic baby skin that I’m you know expecting to get out of this process to come through so maybe tomorrow it’s Friday morning and today is the first day where I feel like I can go to work without a ton of face makeup on generally what’s been happening is that as soon as I put the face makeup on I realize that my face is still peeling like crazy so today I just moisturized using the Sadhna wellness treatment kit and that’s it a little bit of eye makeup and I’m done still waiting for the fabulous amazing transformation that I’m supposed to see from this it’s like what was the point of the facial my face kind of looks the same as it did before so I’m going to reserve my final judgement for when this actually feels healed it has officially been 10 days since I had the famous vampire facial so I want to share my final result full disclosure I got this treatment for free this treatment normally cost upwards of the hundreds of dollars I don’t know exactly how much I’ve seen different prices online but it is a costly procedure the people at Sadhna were amazing they were really nice super professional everything about the experience with Sadhna itself was great the facility is brand new it’s very clean they were very clean and what they were doing and I was kind of nervous about getting a bunch of needles stabbed into my face the esthetician the doctor they answered all of my questions they actually called and checked up on me to make sure how my healing was going it was really easy to get to I thought it was going to be a disaster but it was actually really really easy it’s right off the highway the vampire facial it’self I’m a little bit on the fence about how I feel about it obviously the recovery time was a lot longer than I expected it to be and a lot more intense then I expected it to be if I had just had the facial and then could have taken a little week off of life and just sat home then maybe I wouldn’t have cared so much but because I had to cover it up everyday and go out into the real world I did not enjoy the recovery time and I’m told that my recovery time was a little bit worse than normal because they did so much extra on my forehead that’s what it took so long but I still had a lot of the peeling and the discoloration on the rest of my skin as well so just think about that if you’re considering this you know you’re gonna have to recover for a couple of days if I wanted to be hyper critical about the two lines on my forehead I could say that those do seem a little bit less intense than they were before but generally speaking my skin kind of feels the same I don’t know if it was all worth it somebody said I had to take two or three more of these treatments to actually see the results I say no thank you I’m pretty happy with my face the way it is and wasn’t really unhappy with my face before I had the procedure I just thought it would be fun and cool and something that I could share with you guys you know and it was something I could share with you guys if you want to see more spa related stuff let me know in the comments below if you’ve had a vampire facial and have your own results that you want to share definitely let me know I want to hear how everybody else fared with this procedure I hope that this was helpful to you I hope that it was helpful for you in making a decision about getting a vampire facial I hope that you realize that you’re beautiful inside and out whether you’ve had a vampire facial or not you don’t need to do anything to be beautiful you just are beautiful no matter what and I love you see you next time

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  1. Holy crap! Kuddos to you for trying it but I personally don't think I could ever do that. I'll stick to my facials and at home masks! 😁 P.s. I had never heard of this before and literally thought they rubbed (insert animal/human here) onto your face! 😂

  2. Thank you for sharing your experience and your honesty! Moral of the story is: Kim K. is a rich jackass! LOL!! But we all have to live and learn! 😂So happy you healed but ten days is way too long! 😯

  3. If you don't mind my asking but are you under 25? You look so young and I think the older you are the treatment may have a different effect. But I totally agree with you, you don't need a second treatment. Actually you didn't need the first one. 😉

  4. Thank you for the thorough review! I just had my microneedling done 4 days ago and I definitely feel the same way as you. This is my 3rd session, and I completely hate it each time. I don’t think I’d ever do it again tbh.

  5. You don't really get the results till months down the road. Each month ur face will get smoother and smoother up to a year after.

  6. I was told it takes 2-3 months for noticeable results. You are waiting for collagen to be generated.

  7. This looks a bit scary but I guess wasn’t so bad as it seems 💖🌸👍🏻💞thx for sharing!

  8. Good video! Thank you for sharing. However, 20-30 just need prevention skin care. Wait till you're 40, you might have a different expectation.

  9. Thank you so much you saved me with sharing your experience, I don't want to do it anymore…. today is my appointment.

  10. I’ve heard so much about these and always wanted one! They do look a little scary though… interesting video, it’s nice to see the whole process

  11. I have had about 6 of these done and it has gotten rid of most of my acme scar's. I highly recommend it. Specially if you're over 40.

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  14. Hahahaha u r funny thank you for this Video I WILL NOT GET THIS DONE i was looking to it but i felt that doesn’t make a lots of difference.

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