Victoria Beckham claims she has never been tempted by cosmetic surgery – News Live

Victoria Beckham claims she has never been tempted by cosmetic surgery  – News Live

Victoria Beckham has insisted she has never been ‘tempted’ by the lure of cosmetic procedures despite having previously admitted to enhancing her bosom The fashion designer, 45, was interviewed on This Morning where she discussed her beauty secrets in celebration of the launch of her first-ever make up range Victoria Beckham Beauty When asked if she has ever considered having work done, Victoria said: ‘I haven’t been tempted by a cosmetic procedure, but never say never ‘ Speculation that the former Spice Girl had gone under the knife to enhance her chest first began in the 1990s   However, Victoria never confirmed she had any cosmetic enhancements, even after her breasts appeared to return to their original size years later Share this article Share In a resurfaced letter that the singer-turned designer penned to her younger self for British Vogue in 2017, she expresses regret at her decision, warning: ‘I should probably say, don’t mess with your boobs ”All those years I denied it — stupid. A sign of insecurity. Just celebrate what you’ve got,’ she added Victoria had earlier hinted at having had the procedure while looking at pictures of her style evolution with Allure magazine in 2014 Pointing to a photo of herself with a larger chest, she said: ‘I don’t have them any more I think I may have purchased them.’     In her interview with This Morning, Victoria also revealed her husband David often steals her beauty products for himself   Speaking about her husband’s fondness for her products, the designer said: ‘David one hundred percent steals my beauty products We share beauty products.’The former singer discussed her family further in the interview, telling how make-up is one of the ways she bonds with her daughter Harper, eight She said: ‘Harper’s really girly so we do enjoy make up at home. I mean, she wouldn’t go out of the house with make up on obviously, but I think it’s a really nice thing you can do with your daughter, you know Play with make up and have fun.’ It comes after David recently revealed he insists on instilling work ethic in his children, telling them: ‘You’ll never get anywhere without making sacrifices ‘Asked what advice he gives Brooklyn, 20, Romeo, 17, Cruz, 14, and Harper, the former England captain told GQ magazine: ‘To work hard, simple as that ‘Brooklyn is a model and photographer, and Cruz is said to want to be a pop star like his mum Victoria David added: ‘I tell the kids they have to make choices, sometimes give things up If your friends are going out on a Friday night, maybe you can’t. Maybe you’ve got tennis practice the next day or you’re in the studio singing, like Cruz, or you’ve got a shoot, like Brooklyn That’s where your focus needs to be.’

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