Vitamin C Facial : Vitamin C Facial Moisturizing

Vitamin C Facial : Vitamin C Facial Moisturizing

We’re going to move on to the vitamin C facial
moisturizer, again, with a little bit of vitamin C. It’s really nourishing for the skin. It’s
like food for the skin with all the, the added nutrients in there. And it’s really going
to help tone the complexion and smooth out the texture in addition to firming, which
everybody loves. So this is one of our very best, most popular anti-aging treatments.
And with the moisturizer, you just want to apply liberally and just spread it all over
the main areas of the face and you’re going to always take any moisturizer down to your
neck. A lot of people ignore the neck, but actually that shows signs of aging pretty
quickly as opposed to the face. So feel free to bring your moisturizers down. And once
that’s all rubbed in, you have completed the vitamin C facial treatment.

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