VT cosmeticsのVT×BT21コスメ使ってみた|韓国コスメ

VT cosmeticsのVT×BT21コスメ使ってみた|韓国コスメ

I like cute package cosmetics Hello everyone! I got a lot of cosmetics VT cosmetics skin care product review I like the mist and foundation of VT cosmetics Only a few mist are left … I will introduce cosmetics one by one Art in multi shadow Beige gold Small but three colors Try colors Glitter This eye shadow can be hard to come off Elegant gold Snow rose Try colors I’m sorry I’m not used to cosmetic reviews Pink glitter Fit for business style You can complete eye makeup with this palette I always use various eye shadows … Snow Rose   Beige Gold Fit on stick highlighter The box is cute I like boxes Cute Pink cute try Fit by hand for natural highlights I used stick type highlight for the first time Glow lip lacquer 04 pottain red The doll’s face turns Lip lacquer has good coloring Looks fluorescent Fresh The lip lacquer does not come off I did not know that the lip lacquer was difficult to come off What should I do… I was able to come off with oil cleansing blush Cheek cushion 03 fig Black and white are cool Good comfortable to touch will not open amazed Red Not as red as it looks Directs a natural cheek Teak that blends well with the skin Real wear fixing cushion This is a cushion foundation The character is three-dimensional and very cute It is a dark color Worry about matching skin color pat my face with a puff Hide mole with foundation full coverage Small amount is fine Lipstick Special Edition Reddish lipstick Try “LOVELY” set Pink fantasy Pink It is a trace of lip lacquer Pink Orange rocket Pink? Red? I looked up the lipstick color name later It was orange color Sign is written 01Sign Proposal red It is bright red Pale red Dry rose Character color Good color This is my favorite color “LOVELY”set “Cute”set Coral ending Pale orange Pink blow I like this color Mystic brown I like brown red Bullet red Bright red Classy red ”CUTE”set The introduction of VT x BT21 cosmetics is over I especially liked the eye shadow I was surprised at the lip lacquer Thank you for watching the video.Thank you VT Cosmetics for sending me a wonderful product Please subscribe to my channel!

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  1. どれもこれも可愛いですね✨

  2. こんにちは❀.(*´▽`*)ノ❀.
    どのコスメもめっちゃ発色いいですね!!私の友達もBTS好きなんですよね〜⸜( ´˘` )⸝(私は韓国系疎いんですよね、、)

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