We Got Our Makeup Done While Lying Down Like Katy Perry • Ladylike

We Got Our Makeup Done While Lying Down Like Katy Perry • Ladylike

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  1. You guys don't do this?? This is like a thing in my country, all our makeup artists apply makeup like this with a special chair of course! You don't put your head in peoples lap

  2. don't you remember being a teen and doin each other make up or hair? and setting in mommas lap and cuddling! that is why it was fun and felt good:)

  3. I actually do this and I go to dance competitions very often for 10 hours at most and it works to get it everything even especially eyeliner and it works!

  4. When Jen told Google to set a timer, my phone stopped the video and asked me how long 🤣 That's right Jen, you tell my phone what to do!

  5. Does anyone else do their makeup laying down? My back always feels so tired in the morning so i learned to do my makeup laying down on my bed lol

  6. When Kristin (defiantly spelt that wrong ) said jen was an aggressive bob ross I was thinking she sounded like bob ross just then too what the heck , I don’t even know why I thought that

  7. Jen, u are my spirit animal. Always make me smile or laugh. Kinda ironic tho that the person with the easiest basic makeup routine won first place doing makeup on someone else. I love it! 😆

  8. I’ve rewinded this video to 6:12 at least 10 times and am crying every time bc of Kristin saying “I love being a learning faché” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  9. You know what? I actually can't believe we don't do this already. It seems so natural that when you're doing someone else's makeup, they should be lying down. I bet this is way easier, perhaps minus the mascara, but other than that, it seems like a very thorough way to do it. Especially if they were leaned back in a chair and didn't have to lean across one side to get to the other, but could walk around it. Very cool! I really want to do one of my friends' makeup now!

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