We Tried A Full Face Of Jelly Makeup • Ladylike

We Tried A Full Face Of Jelly Makeup • Ladylike

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  2. All of the girls in ladylike have such clear skin! So pretty, nobody is talking about Kristin, her skin is also really pretty.

  3. Freddie is so damn beautiful 😍 Her skin looks fine without make up. She has just the perfect skin. And her hair is so cute!

  4. When Kristin mentioned that they had no makeup on at the beginning, I honestly cannot tell whenever Freddie has makeup on or not and when she puts foundation on, it don’t make a difference, because her skin is already so flawless.

  5. She has no bags or acne scars or just plain out acne and she has perfect eyebrows and eyelashes she’s PERFECT lmao 😂❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. Haha this was posted on my 12th birthday which also happens to be when I subscribed to Ladylike so now I is confusion about how I did not see this until October 5th 2019?!?!?!?

  7. I watched this in little space (I’m a age regressor) and I was just giggling and enjoying myself (I know this is a kind of old video)

  8. The cleanser:
    I LOVE IT!! Very expensive, but totally worth it. It works so well! Very easily my favorite cleanser.

  9. Yes, Freddie's face is beautiful with and without makeup, but how come no-one is complimenting Kristen. She's beautiful without makeup too.

  10. I totally relate to Kristin, even water burns my sensitive skin. But glycolic acid is fine. I think for me it's a PH thing.

  11. Kristen looks a lot like my mom. They both have dark brown curly hair ( my moms is curlier) lots of freckles, pale skin, and thin lips
    It’s weird

  12. I’m new to your Chanel and I really enjoy giggling along and learning about lady stuff! You are all gorgeous and unique! Thanks for being a great example of diverse, BEAUTIFUL women!

  13. My little brain was like

    Mind: “isn’t ketchup a jelly since a tomato is a fruit? Or is it still a condiment? But that would not make sense. Bc grapes are a fruit and so are tomatoes so it is a jelly?🤔”


  14. For me personally, putting this on my face makes it so my skin can’t breathe. I suggest not using this with itty bitty pores

  15. Low key, Fred's face is so beautiful without makeup. No homo just saying. Plus I love the name Freddie. Especially for a girl that's just so cool.

  16. Kristin is so adorable and funny, everyone keeps talking about Freddie and i understand why, but can we talk about how great Kristin is?

  17. I see so many comments about Freddie. Yes Freddie is a beaut but Kristin deserves love and the praise. She’s not claiming to be really good at makeup. It’s nice seeing people with less makeup abilities trying these things. Kudos to you, Kristin. I love you

  18. Wow her skin has improved so much! I have struggled with something like rosacea so this makes me so happy for her!!

  19. Ok sooo it’s kinda obvious that the color is too light for Kristen. However, the point of the video is to test the “jelly” products, not for Kristen to perfectly color match her foundation.

    Furthermore, they are both gorgeous women who are willing to publicly humiliate themselves to entertain and bring others joy. So in truth, making us laugh is the point of every video* (save Devin’s story) and these benches knock it out of the park every time.

  20. Kristen's foundation color IS the wrong shade. I know she has rosacea, I do too, but it is definitely to light for her skin. As I watched the video I thought they brought their foundation from home….??? so I don't know if it was just for the video or not. Not trying to hate on them, they are both so beautiful. Finding the right foundation for dealing with rosacea is hard and I know : )

  21. I use a jelly elf gold highlighter I found on sale for 2 dollars called dew I like it but I think I perfer my liquid radiance weight in rose highlighter it’s like a red gold it looks great if you are a girl who loves blush you can use it in replacement of blush if needed esp cause like tik tok is obsessed with a blush and highlighter heavy look now

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