We Tried An Insta-Famous Makeup Brush Cleaner!

– Do you feel that? (laughs) Oh shit. Oh no, now it really needs to be cleaned. (whooshes and squeaks) (grooving music) – Today we are cleaning our nasty brushes. – And we are trying to clean them with – [Both] The Stylepro Makeup
Brush Cleaner and Dryer. (audience applause) (exhales)
– Yeah. – Have you ever cleaned
your brushes by hand before? – All the time. – Honestly and truly I probably
clean my makeup brushes like when I remember. – I usually only have one brush at a time and I just replace it every two months. (laughs) I go to Target and I get like a $10 brush and I just am good for another two months. – But that’s like not needing
to get your car detailed you just buy a new car. – Yeah, I know. – you’re boss. – [Gray Shirt] I’m wasting money though. – No you’re, I mean you’re a celebrity. – Oh thanks. (laughs) – I don’t like how you
have to commit an afternoon to clean your brushes,
like I’ve got stuff to do like watch TV so, (laughs). – It’s not like it
takes me hours at a time it probably takes me like
10 minutes, 10-20 minutes. – Mm-hmm. – But then it takes all night to dry. – Laying out my brushes
to dry is just like, I end up having to put them
on top of my toilet seat which then means that I
can’t use the restroom. – So its like if I could
do something that takes like one minute and dries
them, I’m all for that. – How much does it cost? – It’s $64.99. – Whoa. – Yeah, so it’s an investment. – I think if there was
an easy, efficient way to clean my brushes and
also way to dry them quickly I think I would do it, way more often. – Yeah. – Just because it’s really
honestly not even the cleaning it’s the drying. (yells) – We’re ready. – We’re ready. – This brush is like two months old-ish. Its like covered in gunk. – Your worries are gone. – I know. – As seen on social. It’s gona spin our brushies
around and clean ’em. And dry them. There are an ample amount
of tools in this box. I feel like it’s the never ending box, I just keep pulling things out of it. – These are the rubber
pieces that make it possible for you to clean many different
sizes of makeup brushes. – This is the electronic part. This is the spindle, it’s
already battery powered wow. – So this is your vibrator. – So what you do with this? – So you need to get to know yourself. – Don’t be ashamed of yourself. (beeps) Wow, I’m never going to be able to forget my own words for that. – Yeah it’s on the internet. – I’ve scarred myself. – Or not. (laughs) We don’t do directions. – It looks like it’s brown and light brown but its really brown and white. – Oh. Isn’t that a fun fact
about your makeup brushes. Mine’s the same, this
is supposed to be white. (clatters) (beeps) – That’s what it’s supposed to look like. – It’s like a little fan. – Want some water? – Yes please. – Some water for you. – Pour it in there please. – You just want the top part of the brush to be able to fit in. – Squeeze a small amount of your preferred antibacterial
soap into the bowl. – Just like a pump, a squeeze? – In there start to spin. I feel like I need a smock. (ethereal music) Alright. – We have bibs. – We have our smocks. – Yeah. – We’re ready to go. – Okay, I’m going for it. – Me too, (shouts) oh. – You gotta put it in it. – [Both] Oh. – Damn. – Oh snap. – We’re creating forces of nature in here. – Yeah. – Okay, now I’m drying it. Above the water but still inside the bowl so that it doesn’t splatter everywhere. – The nice thing is
that like you don’t have to be over a sink when doing it. So it’s like if you want to
watch a show or something, you could just have this in
the living room with you, rather than being stuck in the bathroom cleaning your stuff for like 20 minutes. – Its’ true. – Holy cow. – That is so clean. – It’s nice to start drying in the bowl, like when it’s soaking wet
and then once you feel like its like decently damp, then
drying it outside the bowl feels like the right thing to do, ♫ La la la la la – Mine don’t even dry
overnight, it takes like days, multiple days for them to dry. I’m gonna do it again. – Yeah. – Oh shit. – I’m curious to see how
it does with this one since this brush is curved. – Typically you can find this brush living in it’s natural habitat
at the bottom of my purse. – My brush is still a little
damp so I’m just continuing to air dry. – Mine is so dirty that I’m
gonna get rid of the water in there and just like keep refilling it with like fresh water and fresh cleanser. – There’s still a bit of, oh
yeah, there’s still shimmers coming off so its’ still
not completely clean. – Choke down ladies. Hold the whole thing, palm it. – (beeps) I was like I don’t
know what these words mean. Maybe it’s sexual. – No it’s goth, the least
sexual of the sports. – Wow, clean dry, if i have to go out, just go ahead and use it because it’s not spending
all night drying. – This brush is gonna be the
litmus test of this product. ’cause it’s supposed to
be an all white brush. How many periods have you
had since the last time you cleaned your make up
brushes it’s typically? – Yeah. – A good way to judge. Okay, so I was wrong. – It’s white and pink brush. – It’s white and pink. – But it’s definitely a lighter pink now. – [Black Shirt] Yeah,
it’s more of a purple. – Yeah I’m just gonna
keep cleaning this one until it looks better. Spitter. (laughs) I didn’t even try to do that on purpose, I just forgot, I’m sorry Freddie. – Its okay. – I feel like a new lady. – So this brush is not mine,
it’s just a brush that we found in our makeup closet. – Just trying to break apart the clumps. Still got some really
stubborn clumps in there but slowly but surely. – You need something that
can break, break it up. – Yeah. – What is that, what
would that product be? – Like a knife or something? – You just want an excuse to use a knife. – Yeah I just want to
be able to push knives. (laughs) – It’s so satisfying. Oh wow this one dried really fast. That’s probably because
it’s a cheaper brush. Whoa. That’ so clean. – [ Black Shirt] Yeah, look at that, it’s like a completely different brush. – It does look like a contractor tool. – It is getting less clumpy every time. – I do wish that there
was a version of this that you can use your beauty blender with. – Yeah that’s the thing
that this is missing. The company probably does not,
like advise that you do this but, I’m just crazy enough. Wow. – I think for a beauty
blender cleaner you would probably need something
that was kind of like doing the squeezing and
stuff so like something that was like ringing it out. – Oh well I dropped it. – Oh she’s gone. (trumpet mourns) – Honestly I was a little
overwhelmed at first seeing all the different
pieces that it came with. – Yeah. – But it really isn’t that bad, its’ actually great that they
have all these different sizes ’cause no matter which kind
of makeup brush you have or where you get them from or what brand you’re bound to find something that works. – Like actually doing it
is fun which like cleaning your brushes without this
is, we both know it’s not fun we don’t do it. This is very fun. – We looked at our mistakes
in the face and we’re like we’re gonna clean this
up, no more of this, we deserve better. – Bye to the old, – Hello to the new. – I think it’s very worth it, I think because it’s a fun activity,
it’ll even encourage me to clean my makeup brushes
more which is a win win. – They’ll probably save
money in the long run too if you’re not replacing them
as often because you are able to clean them. – Totally. – This product is definitely
like a want kind of product. You don’t really need it
but it’s like if you want it this is important to you, – Go ahead and get yourself one. – Yeah. – I honestly think I’m still
gonna throw this one out. And then I’m just gonna go
to Target and get a new one. – Stylepro Makeup Brush
Cleanser and Dryer. – [Both] Lady tested. – Lady approved. – Lady approved. Keep it OG. – This is good. – Do a little brunching. – Drink your mimosas, clean your brushes. Waiter I need another mimosa. (jazzy music) (whooshes and squeaks)

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