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  1. Theres so much stuff you missed like compact powder, concealer,eyeshadow,contour stick/bronzer,highlighter,lipliner,brow gel and setting spray. You didnt take full advantage of this idea.

  2. Wait…am I the only one that thought this would be like knockoffs of expensive brands? I though that’s what dupe meant or am I just wrong?

  3. I feel like if you’re going to review makeup you should have people who actually know how to do makeup. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  4. A really great dupe for Katie von d that lasts longer and is cheaper is the Cover Girl liquid lipsticks. That stuff is wonderful and last forever and is really lightweight!

  5. you can't dupe products that are meant to look different. Matte vs dewy (foundation), matte vs shimmer (blush) and matte vs cream (lipstick) aren't comparable so this video doesn't really make sense

  6. I only use B.B cream and mascara. For B.B cream I use Revlon or Covergirl. For mascara I ALWAYS use Maybelline.

  7. Damn I’ve been duped by sales people at Sephora 😩😩 and ulta… and just about everywhere else I buy things it seems

  8. love the video idea, but none of those were really great dupes, loreal pro glow would have been a better one for the nars foundation, wet n wild pearlescent pink blush is an almost exact match for nars orgasm, and essence makes a much better felt tip eyeliner for the same price, and im not familiar w benefits brow gel but the tattoo brow gel from maybelline is booomb! maybe do a take 2?

  9. I wish you guys had done mascara lmao 😂 but this is very informative haha, maybe now I can get proper makeup

  10. This has disappointed me only in 1 way: (loved the video BTW ❤️) I have found that essence make me brow, when used correctly, can be much more than worth it's $2.99 cost.

  11. It’s driving me insane that they didn’t put mascara on. Seriously, put mascara on if you’re wearing makeup! You look like a crack head without!!!

  12. Just saying but L’Oreal is not a dupe. It’s the smarter brand of make up because why the fuck would anyone spend an obscene amount of money on a product that is exactly the same as drug store make up anyway? It’s just a brand, that’s it.

  13. I love the way the cheap blush fell on the table and then Kristen gets her brush and grabs the blush from the table😂😂😂

  14. Ok, why is everyone freaking about this video? Basically these girls took dupe as one is quality one isnt. Stop hating and go find somewhere else to be negative. All yall are being so petty rn so stop. @Hannahsaquing @Bubbles_as18

  15. If ladylike sees this please turn off comments I have had over 5 hate comments on my comment for saying my opinion of liking the left side of the thumbnail than the right! This is my own opinion and I’m allowed to state my own opinion.

  16. Devon's expensive side looks better on camera. Not sure about irl, but there is definitely a difference on camera. I think Kristin's less expensive side looks better but maybe because of the blush.

  17. Wenn man Deutsch ist und dann sieht das Essence Anscheinend zehn Euro kostet aber in Deutschland kostets einfach ein Euro

  18. I disagree with the Nars luminous foundation review. I’m wondering if you guys shaked the the foundation bottle before using, but that foundation is my holy grail. It doesn’t leave me looking Cakey and I’ve gotten so so many compliments on it.

  19. Loreal looks so cakey and yellow not at all like skin. The Nars looks like skin and DOESN'T MAKE THEM LOOK LIKE BOXED CAKE IS ON THEIR FACE.

  20. …. who pronounces every letter in NYX? I've always heard it as nicks, kinda how ELF is pronounced elf, not E-L-F.

  21. I want to see Fred and Chantel do this cause Fred has a different skinton and a different texture which could show a different perspective and Chantel had acne growing up and like more expensive things so that could bring a different perspective

  22. Don't use don't use all that makeup because it come from Micah that kids in India have to mind for and some kids die from rocks falling on them because every makeup now you're using contains Micah

  23. why is everyone giving you hate it doesn't matter if they dont know what dupes are. so calm down. they are trying. i haven't seen one good comment on this video.

  24. Some of these arent dupes cause they arent a similar formula? Like one is matte one is dew. Or at least get the same shade of foundation

  25. The Stila stay all day liner is the only liquid eyeliner that doesn't transfer around my eyelid. That's the one makeup item i would buy high end, since all other options i've tried never stayed lol. The rest of my makeup is drugstore except for an eyeshadow palette (modern renaissance❤️)

  26. Using a matte foundation as a dupe for luminous foundation is silly. The person (me) who wants a lighter weight luminous foundation isn't going to like the matte and vice-versa.

  27. Who picked these dupes? Dupes are supposed to be generally the same. So when one is matte and one is luminous that’s not even close to a dupe!!

  28. I have watched this video, everyone please thumbs up this comment for a dupes video part 2 <3 love ladylike so much ladies

  29. Ugh! All the comments are so passive-aggressive. I watch Ladylike to see the ladies have a fun time.

    Also doesn't Kelsey use the Nars Orgasm blush? (It was something with orgasm in it)

    No hate please!

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