We Tried to Get Glowing Skin With a Laser Facial | Crash Test Beauties

We Tried to Get Glowing Skin With a Laser Facial | Crash Test Beauties

– Ooh my goodness, that was bright! I feel like there’s a firecracker going across my face. (upbeat music) – Hi.
– How are you? -Hi.
– Nice to meet you. – My name is Sara. I’m one of the nurses here at
Skin Laundry, West Hollywood. Today, you guys will be getting
a laser and light facial. It is a medical grade procedure that helps to target
different skin concerns. It helps with stimulating
collagen and elastin which are your connective tissues. It helps with fine lines, wrinkles, improves the texture
and tone of your skin. It takes about 15 minutes, so you’ll be out in no time. – Is it painful at all? – Very good question. We get asked that question a lot. I like to describe it as pop
rock candies on your skin. Shouldn’t be too bad. – Is it similar to like
laser hair treatment? – It’s not as bad as a
laser hair treatment. – Oh, perfect. – [Girl In Brown Coat] Thank you so much. – Ooh, I need this chair in my house. (energetic music) – [Sara] We’re gonna be
starting off with the YAG laser. We’ll do two rounds of
that all over the face. That’s gonna help to stimulate
collagen and elastin. Helps to break down pigmentation. Also helps with vaporizing
impurities in your skin. So, you may smell something
a little weird or funky here, not your skin getting burned. The laser just helps to vaporize those impurities out of your skin. – I feel like there’s a fire cracker going across my face (laughs). – [Sara] Step two, we
are gonna be applying a water-based ultrasound gel. It’s just gonna help to protect
your skin from the heat. Also helps to distribute the
light evenly onto your skin. – Oh my goodness, that was bright. – [Sara] With the IPL, you’ll just see bright flashes of light
like a camera flash and you’ll feel a warm
sensation onto your skin. This is gonna help to treat the top layer of your skin which is your epidermis. Helps with redness,
inflammation, hyperpigmentation. Also helps with killing
light sensitive bacteria. – Almost feels like a blow dryer. Like, a little bit more heat. – [Sara] After we finish with
the IPL, we remove the gel. – Guys, I survived. – I can feel the light. – [Sara] And apply our
toner and our sun screen. (mellow music) – We did it. – We did it. – What is the one word you
would say to describe it? – I would say refreshing, actually. – Yeah. – [Sara] How do you feel? – Good. – Gonna say electrifying
(laughs), a positive way. I feel glowy. – I thought it would be
more painful, but it wasn’t. It was like prickling at distance,
so like, it got a little hot, but it was bearable. – Very interesting, the feeling when the
laser went on your face. It was like the Fourth of July was happening on my face. – That feeling you get when
you like first get out of the shower and there’s an open door, that cool airs hit you. That’s what my face feels like. – Immediately, it felt very soft. – [Sophia] Yeah. – I would definitely do this again. – I would too. You’ve got a glow. – Oh! – It looks good. – Thank you, you too. (laughs) (chill music)

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  1. This is a really great video! Yay, love Ipsy! I do Ipsy spoilers, unbaggings, & Ipsy reviews on my channel! I'm in love!

  2. The ladies seemed pleased with the results. I wonder what it costs, and other commenters asked how long it lasts. Gonna have to do some homework on that.

  3. I've tried this just today and ladies, don't worry, it's not as bad as it looks, in fact this is my first time trying it and i'm glad I did it. Skin laundry staff guides you through every step of the way. Free for first timers and honestly, for this kind of laser/IPL treatment at med spa would be costly. I've purchased the 3 bundle for $168 and it's the best investment for your skin. Besides, it's 15 mins, no fuss, no pains, no waits. Good luck 👍👍👍

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