What I Packed for 6 Months in Asia

What I Packed for 6 Months in Asia

Hey guys in about an hour I have to leave for the airport to go to Cambodia. I’m still in Saigon currently. And I’m going to show you what I packed for my six-month long Asia trip. My first stop was South Korea, then Thailand, Indonesia, specifically Bali, Singapore, back to Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Taiwan, back to Thailand, and last but not least, Hong Kong. I’m gonna show you my toiletries bag first. These are my non-liquid toiletries, and this is my non-liquid toiletry bag. I bought it on Amazon. Pockets, pockets, and more pockets. And then we have an extra pocket in here. This is where I put my earplugs. I brought my extra set of glasses- just in case these go awry. These are my tweezers so I could pluck my eyebrows. These two are my eyebrow pencils. This is my eyeliner, my electric toothbrush that I bought in Singapore about two years ago. Uh, this is the battery, and then this is my tongue scraper, It used to be longer, but I cut it in half to save space in my toiletry bag. These, here, are floss sticks. I always carry one of these in my day bag. I didn’t eat anything yet, but let me give you a demo. Ding! Ding! Ding! Of course we have a nail cutter and these… Uhm, what is it called again? Oh! What is it called?! I can’t remember! (small electonic sound effect). Have some band-aids. And this is for shaving off the little jungles off the legs. I picked up these nail polish in Korea. When you’re in Seoul there’s a lot of accessibility to skincare shops, so over there that’s where I picked up all my skincare products. And by the time I got to Bali I ran out of most of my clay masks from Korea, so I picked up this from Bali. I bought this tattoo from Korea and acne patches from Korea. These are super helpful because after having a awesome day of eating all kinds of street food and all kinds of delicious food in general, I’m gonna get a pimple or two! You know, like sugar. So I put one of those on there, or a couple, and then the next day, boom! Most of the time my pimples are gone the next morning. These are masks from Korea as well. I bought a new set of these when I left the States. I also have some earplugs. I carry a lot of them because they don’t take up much space because what happens, if you squish it, it becomes very compact- and they’re very light so better to be safe than sorry, especially if you’re light sleeper. Last but most definitely not least my handy dandy brush that I’ve been using since high school. I was wondering why there was so much room left in my non-liquid toiletry bag, and it’s because I forgot to put my makeup in there! I brought my bare minerals powders and this brush. I picked it up in Korea, Innisfree I brought two sets of these, but the first set already have ran out and I’m already on my second, so as I was travelling, um, and I used my makeup it opened up more free space. I also like to carry one extra zip belt bag, just in case! I always like to put some panty liners in this bag. Let’s close the book on this toiletry bag These are my main liquids, and this is my sunscreen, primer, toothpaste, my makeup remover- this one has 30 sheets. This particular brand is Faceshop, a Korean skincare company. I found this shop in Hanoi as well as Bangkok. This is my insect repellent that was highly recommended to bring with me on the trip. Additional toothpaste- this is more for my messenger bag/my day bag, and then this is my, um, concealer. I can’t read Vietnamese. I think this was conditioner or shampoo. I picked this bar of soap from a hotel I was in in Denim, and another soap I was in another hotel, just in case. This is a clay mask I picked up from Korea and actually, I’m almost done with it. I have one more use out of it, and then I’ll toss it out in Cambodia. This here is my BB cream. It came in another container, but I put it in this travel friendly one. If you check in your bags it doesn’t matter how many liquids you bring, but I’m doing all carry on. So I have to put it in all my liquids, I have to fit it on this bag. Sometimes a limit for the carry-on might be 7 kg Not 15 kg. Depending on the airline in that case then I do have to check in my small luggage, and then I just carry my backpack filled with electronics because you do not want to check in your laptop It’s safer to bring it with you, including your DSLR and all your expensive electronics. The order of which you put things is quite important. I always put the bigger containers first. It gives me structure in this bag. I try to place all the products in there so it’s not gonna poke the bag and rip it open Even if you can fit all your liquids into this bag, each bottle cannot be over 100 ml. I almost forgot! These earplugs and, um, my Vaseline. I put these on my lips every night to keep my lips from chapping. When I pack I always divide my clothes into three categories 1. The fresh laundry category Um these are clothes that I have not worn ever since I washed them 2. The second category is clothes that I wore already at least once And then the third bag I put my clothes in is the dirty laundry. These are my clean clothes. Ahm, this is from Uniqlo, if it gets cold I could wear it as like a thin little jacket, or as like in-between a bigger jacket These three shirts are like this one I brought more originally but I had to retire them because they started getting holes or they got stained when I took them to the laundromat like in Bali and in Vietnam You could send your dirty laundry to a shop and then they’ll clean it for you But sometimes, um, they mix your whites with color, and they got stained. I always like to bring some tanks. I brought this one and an orange one, but this orange one got a hole in it, so I’m gonna retire that one (dramatic) Goodbye. (LOL!) Extra bra, this is a tank top I got for free at a night club. Two pajama pants that I picked up in Bangkok. These two I picked up in Chiang Mai. I also brought two jeans and then the ones I’m wearing. And then a couple socks. I got some holes in old socks, I toss them out and I got new ones. These two are from Hanoi. One, two, three; these are from Korea, and a pajama, and five pairs of undies here and the one I’m wearing and I have a couple more, two more. Dirty undies in my dirty laundry. Three more pairs of socks in my dirty laundry, and for special occasions I bought this one skirt in Korea, and I wore this to a meet-up previously. And then I bought a blouse in Korea as well. This is a set of earrings that my friend from Bali gave to me. And this scarf with trees on it. I’ve got this in Boyan. And this, what is this sock doing here by itself? This is not mine! When I got my laundry back in Saigon, that, I saw that in my bag Welcome to the family! Man I have mixed feelings about this sock. I mean, it’s not my sock. I don’t need it, and there’s not even a pair, It’s just one, but it you know it’s like it’s still, like, usable, but like what do I do with it? No? Do I just hide it in a corner somewhere? So these are my two main bags. This is my backpack, which I put all the electronics in, and then these are for the clothes and other stuff. There’s a lot of pockets and in (errrr) the one of these pockets I put a bunch of plastic bags, because you never know when you need to put your trash in there, or, you know, you want to separate some goods and the inside I have a swimming suit and goggles and in the front I used to have a flashlight here, but I think it fell out. I have shoelaces and a copy of my passport I also carry with me a small quick dry towel and this does miracles if you don’t have a towel at a hotel, or you know, they’re not giving you one, A.S.A.P, you just use this and it dries super quick! I tightly roll everything up and then line my undies up in here. And then I put my jacket all the big stuff go down on the bottom first And then the smaller things go on the top. Before I left America, I bought some anti diarrhoeal pills, as well as pepto-bismol and motrin and this is my copy of traveller’s insurance and Passport. This is a flask my best friend of the East gave me. I also go to pack my slippers I got these from a hotel in Indonesia. Ok, so, if I had more time I’d arrange us in a more pretty and Instagram friendly way. I have my selfie stick, converters, measuring tape, there’s a charger for my vlogging camera, And then I have a mouse, I picked it, I picked this up in Chun Mai. Um, Extra battery for my camera, extra memory card from a camera, headphones, my laptop, and then two external hard drives to back up all my, uh, vlog footage, and I have wires, phone charger, charger for the camera which plugs into the USB Of course the charger for the laptop. And all these go into this bag. Some miscellaneous items are put into my backpack is: woman products, some postcards, Uh this is my vision board I made in San Francisco almost a year ago, actually. This is my postcard uh, holder which I bought frommmm Chiang Mai, and then I also bought this one in Bangkok. Extra bag. This is like my day bag. If I go on a day trip somewhere I put everything in here, and this is another bag for like shopping, or you know have like bigger things to mail I put everything in here. Can’t forget my shoes! I’m gonna be wearing these high heels at a wedding in Taiwan. So I could have packed those in as well. And since this is my travel flying day you gotta put my passport into my day bag. I really gotta go out to the airport now! Hope you guys enjoyed this video on what I pack to my 6 month long trip to Asia. What are the reasons Why I like to be light when I travel. In Asia not all places have elevators so you might have to carry all your luggage up like three flights of stairs, even five flights of stairs Alright, I really got to go to the airport now. I’ll see you guys in the next mogpun(I don´t know how to write it)and travel video. Bye, Bye! Alright let´s go!

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  8. I pack way more just for a one week or a four day trip to a hotel that I can just drive like twenty minutes from there back to my house :/

  9. I love this! I would prefer to take a small hiking backpack because it's even easier to carry around, but it's my dream to go travelling like this one day.

  10. Microfiber towels are really a must have! We bought 2 for going to Iceland and they were perfect. Especially since towels dry super slow with the cold weather

  11. Nice video! The only things I would pack as well are laundry powder and a thin scarf. (And maybe your own sheets and pillow case if you sleep in hostels.)

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