When Cosmetics Go Wrong

When Cosmetics Go Wrong

Number 6: Lydia Craven
3-year-old Lydia Craven loved playing with her mom’s makeup. So Kylie Craven, her mother, decided to buy
her a kid makeup kit at the local dollar store. Craven was excited to try out her gift and
immediately began applying the cosmetics on her lips, cheeks, and eyelids. Less than an hour later, the little girl started
experiencing extreme discomfort. Her face was swollen, and painful blisters
had appeared around her mouth. In less than 24 hours, the child could barely
open her eyes due to the swelling. Craven was rushed to the hospital and needed
to be admitted in order to deal with her extreme allergic reaction. She also complained her skin was burning,
so her mother had to soothe her with cold packs twice an hour just to keep the pain
down. The little girl’s rash spread to the rest
of her body. Craven’s mother was shocked, as the makeup
kit she bought was labelled as being nontoxic. Eventually, Craven made a full recovery and,
as of the making of this video, isn’t suspected to have developed any long-term allergies. Her mother posted her story online to warn
other parents about the danger of makeup kits aimed for children. What is it? Cosmetics have been around for centuries. Throughout history, remaining fashionable
and abiding by the era’s preferred style hasn’t always been healthy. We tend to believe that we’ve evolved from
the times when people used mercury, lead, or bird droppings as ingredients in their
cosmetics. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Though reputable brands abide by health regulations,
there are off brands and counterfeit products that can significantly harm their users. Knockoffs are an inevitable side effect of
today’s markets. Clothes and accessories tend to be mostly
harmless, but when it comes to makeup, the situation is often different. People seem to always be on the hunt for a
good bargain, and the ultra-cheap cosmetics industry takes advantage of their gullibility. This industry keeps growing each year. Back in 2014, customer complaints raised by
357% in the U.S. alone. In many cases websites like Alibaba, the Chinese
version of Amazon, make the problem worse. There are countless announcements for incredibly
cheap cosmetics. Even when these products are openly presented
as being counterfeit, they are rarely eliminated from the listings. Some people don’t even realize they are
purchasing a knockoff, and they use the product, believing it’s the real deal. This, aside from individual health risks,
also ruins brands’ reputations in the long run. Number 5: Unnamed Californian woman
An unnamed Californian woman was left in a semi-comatose state after suffering from mercury
poisoning. The woman had purchased a Mexican skin cream. She wasn’t aware that the product included
methylmercury and applied it freely to her body. She began feeling sick soon after. At first, the 47-year-old woman didn’t give
her symptoms much importance. Soon, it became clear there was something
wrong. She experienced numbness in the places she
had applied the cream, especially her hands and face. Worse still, the woman struggled to talk and
walk. Her slurred speech worried her son, and they
drove to the hospital. Once there, tests determined that she had
incredibly high levels of mercury in her bloodstream. It was over 500 times higher than the safety
limit. The cream was analyzed, and it was proven
to have been the cause of the poisoning. The company that produced the skin cream assured
authorities that they didn’t use methylmercury in their products. Sometimes, unscrupulous resellers purchase
significant quantities of cosmetics and add all kinds of dangerous ingredients to multiply
their sales. The Californian woman had unfortunately not
purchased the creams from an authorized seller. As of the filming of this video, the woman
remains semi-comatose. She cannot speak and requires help to feed
herself. Doctors think her condition may be permanent. Where Is It Located? Unfortunately, counterfeit cosmetics can be
found all around the world. Even stores and supermarkets that have a decent
reputation have been known to sell off-brands. It’s common to find them in smaller venues,
such as mall kiosks, flea markets as well as listed by resellers on social media. The growth of different e-commerce platforms
has boosted the sales of fake makeup. With fake reviews and incredibly low prices,
sellers and producers manage to make fortunes while customers are left to suffer. Most of these fake and dangerous cosmetics
are produced in China and Hong Kong. These products are produced in unsanitary
facilities, with little regard for the consumer’s safety or wellbeing. The U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime has long
since been warning the public about this problem. Between 2008 and 2010, they reported that
up to 70% of all counterfeit products originated from China. This includes cosmetics and other dangerous
knockoffs. The cosmetic industry loses so much money
yearly that they actually go to great lengths to put a stop to it. Giants of the industry like Estee Lauder have
created departments within their companies to fight against this problem worldwide. Government agencies regularly confiscate such
products, but the growing fake cosmetic market is getting harder and harder to contain. Number 4: Jade Inglis
19-year-old Jade Inglis almost lost sight in her right eye after using micellar oil-infused
cleansing water. She removed the cosmetics used on her eyes
with the Garnier product she had purchased and went straight to bed. Everything seemed fine at first. However, as soon as she woke up, she realized
she couldn’t open her right eye. She went to the hospital after realizing her
eye seemed to be glued shut. Inglis also noticed a strange discharge oozing
from the side of her eyelid. To her shock, when she arrived at the hospital,
her eye was treated with a solution used on acid attack victims. The eye’s P.H. level was much higher than
average, and it had actually changed color. It turned a bright shade of green, but this
side effect lasted only a few hours. After the pain was mitigated, she underwent
an exam to know if there would be permanent damage. The doctors discovered an abrasion on her
pupil. It had been caused by a chemical burn. She had to take antibiotics and pain medication
to manage the discomfort. Inglis returned to the E.R. once more when
her condition didn’t improve. She was sent home, as the doctors explained
time and medications would end up healing the wound. Number 3: Soraya Moghis
Soraya Moghis decided to get a chemical peel at a local salon. It turned out to be a painful experience that
sent her directly to the E.R. Moghis claimed she arrived at the salon for another treatment
but was pressured into purchasing another package instead. The chemical peel removes the top layer of
the skin. It allows the complexion to look fresher and
renewed, when done correctly. The young woman had had chemical peels in
the past and experienced little discomfort. She expected a subtle burning sensation, but
the pain continued to grow. It was then that she knew something was wrong. Moghis noticed the implements used during
the treatment didn’t seem clean. She returned the very next day, complaining
of intense pain on her face. She decided to film the filthy drawer containing
the products used for the chemical peel and went to the hospital. The doctors informed her she had developed
second-degree burns and treated her wounds. When her mother called the salon to complain,
they offered her a free peel in exchange. When Moghis and her mother refused, they sent
a check for $500, covering the cost of the treatment and the hospitalization charges. Moghis’s family refused the offer and considered
pursuing legal actions against the salon. Todays video was requested by just some guy
without a child, if you have any other topics you’d like to learn about subscribe and
let us know in the comments section below How Will It Kill You? Unscrupulous counterfeit cosmetic manufacturers
mix in all kinds of harmful ingredients in their products. Not only do they not ensure their goods are
manufactured in a clean environment, they even select the cheapest components possible. Paint thinner, mercury, lead, and even arsenic
have been found in these products. More horrifying, they can even be laced with
human feces. Though some counterfeit cosmetics may be harmless
others are downright lethal. Some consequences include swelling in the
area the makeup was applied on, as well as rashes, chemical burns, diarrhea, headaches,
and intense discomfort. Particularly delicate areas such as the eyes
can suffer even worse results. Blindness, seizures, and long-lasting allergic
reactions are a frighteningly real possibility. The FBI has warned consumers that some ingredients
in counterfeit makeup include known carcinogens. This means that over time, they can even cause
cancer. Even when the counterfeit manufacturer tries
to emulate the product’s original formula, it can end up disastrous. As they don’t know the exact amount needed
for every ingredient, they may include harmful quantities. This is especially true when it comes to preservatives,
which can trigger allergic reactions. It’s worth mentioning that an initially
harmless chemical can turn into a poison if the doses aren’t correct. Number 2: Theresa Lynch
Theresa Lynch didn’t understand why she was feeling like her eyelids were heavy and
irritated. She also noticed a strange discharge oozing
from her eye. She attempted to alleviate it with drops,
but it only got worse. She claimed it felt like sand was rubbing
against her eye and didn’t understand what was causing the discomfort. The Maryland resident decided to visit the
E.R. and was shocked by the doctor’s findings. She had developed calcified bumps underneath
her eyelids. She was recommended surgery to remove them. If she refused, she could lose her eyesight
permanently. The procedure had her fully anesthetized and
for over 90 minutes. There were so many bumps that they grew on
top of each other. Though she didn’t lose her vision, she was
left with permanent scarring on her cornea. The doctors determined these injuries had
been caused by her mascara. Lynch didn’t properly remove her makeup
every night, and over time, this habit produced the black lumps. Doctors explained that she was lucky she hadn’t
developed a severe infection. This would have potentially led to more serious
consequences, like her permanently losing her sight. How to Survive? There are specific measures you can take to
avoid using counterfeit cosmetics. First and foremost, it may be as easy as not
purchasing products you know for sure are bootlegged. Some customers are fooled by deceitful packaging,
but others simply are looking for a cheap alternative. If the cosmetic’s price is too good to be
true, it probably is. Counterfeit manufacturers are able to sell
their products dirt cheap because they don’t use quality ingredients and don’t worry
about their customers’ wellbeing. They also don’t abide by any health regulations. There are several ways of distinguishing a
fake brand from the real deal. The product’s smell is usually a telltale
sign. If it has an astringent aroma, this is often
a bad sign. Typically, brand products have pleasant scents,
and even if they don’t, they won’t have chemical tones. Also, it’s a good idea to check the consistency. If it’s not smooth, and particularly chalky
or thin, it’s probably not of good quality. The color might not be quite right, either. It’s best to try the product on the hands
or arms first instead of applying it directly on the face. Counterfeit manufacturers tend to do a good
job with the packaging appearance. Still, they don’t pay much attention to
details. So read the whole text printed on the product. If there are misspelled words, that’s a
sure sign that it’s not the real deal. Lastly, it’s better to buy cosmetics in
official and authorized locations, such as the brand’s website. If customers decide to purchase it online
from e-commerce sites such as eBay or Alibaba, they should be careful to only purchase them
from reputable sellers. Number 1: Jo Gilchrist
Jo Gilchrist, a 27-year-old mother, was getting ready for a Valentine’s Day date when she
began feeling sick. She experienced intense pain in her back that
was only getting worse. Gilchrist claimed it was even more painful
than childbirth. After losing feeling in her lower body, the
emergency services were called. The young woman had to be airlifted to the
hospital, where she underwent emergency surgery. After the operation, she was told by the doctors
that she’d never be able to walk again. She had developed a massive infection that
had permanently damaged her spine. It was a drug-resistant type of staph. After doing much research, Gilchrist realized
that she had contracted it by using a makeup brush. The doctors informed her that it was more
common than people tend to believe. She had unfortunately contracted a particularly
aggressive illness instead of a regular infection. The latter is usually solved by a prescription
of antibiotics. She suffered from long-lasting pain after
the surgery, as well as nausea and general weakness. Gilchrist refused to accept her doctor’s
diagnosis and began a strict physical therapy program. The young mother of one managed to regain
some of the mobility in her legs and kept working towards recovery. Thanks for watching! Would you rather wear makeup containing dangerous
chemicals, or allow your friends & family to go through your browsing history? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  1. Would you rather wear makeup containing dangerous chemicals, or allow your friends & family to go through your browsing history?

  2. this makes me very glad i have never worn makeup growing up or now even (other than my lipgloss, love lipgloss.) that being said i always respect brands that are transparent with what their customers are putting on their face. if you’re going to put ANY chemicals on your face please try and pick the safest ones!

  3. Whoever buys a foundation on alibaba for 70 cent and thinks they got the actual product that costs 70 dollars… Well thats stupid that hurts.

    Don't buy cheap shit from Chinese online shops.
    Clothing is harmless (mostly ugly and doesn't look like the Pic at all) but cosmetics and tools for your face (brushes)… Don't do it. Also no teeth whitening shit.

    Leave it.

  4. The problem is that these proper companies charge ridiculous amounts for their products, people cant afford 60 quid for an eye shadow or lipstick, perfumes run out at 80 quid plus for a small bottle. If companies cared to think about it smaller prices will lead to more profits as more people will buy

  5. And here's me a couple years ago buying makeup off wish before knowing the YouTube beauty community and what high end makeup was or that counterfeit makeup was even a thing😬🤦‍♀️

  6. My friend and I got $1.00 lip gloss, as soon as I put mine on my lips began to itch so I wiped it off, and threw mine in the trash. She said her lips itched but the color was pretty that she kept it on. I was driving so I didn't look to my right and by the time we got home her lips were completely swollen in a herpetic kind of way. She threw hers away but it took a week for her not to look like she caught a STD on her mouth. That's the last $1.00 cosmetic I've ever tried and I'm glad I took mine off ASAP.

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  8. My little cousin is 5 and she loves playing with makeup. But I let her use my Estée Lauder, I would never buy her dollar store crap. For Christmas I got a free sample of EL lip gloss and stuck it in her stocking. You’d have thought i’d given her a million bucks!

  9. I'm a member of the beauty community. There used to be a segment on Jen Love's reviews how a Harris Teeter kept expired makeup on their shelves. Also Ulta had a controversy recently for selling used cosmetics. Temptalia also had to have eye surgery to remove a piece of glitter from the inside of her eyelid after an EYE SAFE GLITTER got stuck up under there.

  10. Anyone else confused about who requested the creation of this video? I even listen to it three times and I still confused. What exactly am I missing? Because the the individual he had just got done discussing had suffered second-degree burns for my chemical peel she obviously was still very much alive….so….????🤷

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  14. I have a makeup box filled with makeup I dont wear, I have it for my niece to play with instead of her getting into my more expensive stuff, I test everything on my forearm or hand mainly because I have super sensitive skin and would rather have a rash on my arm than my face. if I have a reaction it either goes to my older sister or to a friend who isn't allergic to it, my niece will not play with that, however ELF is a relatively cheap brand and so is wet n wild and both are good and would be ok for kids to play with but like with anything you should always do a small patch test before any type of playing is done just to be safe.

  15. When medicine goes wrong?
    There’s a bunch of recalled and/or heavily restricted meds bc of just how bad the side effects are. Many weren’t noticed until well after they had been publicly released.

  16. I started wearing makeup at around 13 to “cover” my bad skin. Nearly ten years later I’ve stopped wearing makeup and learned to love myself the way that I am. Now when I put on mascara or something for a special event, I haaaate how long and tedious the process is, and I hate how my face feels with stuff on it.

    Stopping wearing makeup is one of the best things I’ve ever done. I want to know how many women actually just wear makeup for creativity reasons and not to change anything about themselves, because I’m sure it’s not very many 😕

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    youre just stupid

    Then everyone is surprised that brats come out of kids like this

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  19. Just buy your kid real makeup and show them how to use it. Child makeup kits contain god knows what, its not regulated.

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  21. Why I go to CVS, Sephora, or directly from the brand, also research into what you’re buying is great as well, stay safe everyone :))

  22. ..it's an allergic reaction, not a horror movie. Chill. The music and the vocals sound like this is a creepy story. It's not. It's a sad one, and one that makes you go "I hope she was okay," but not one that makes you feel on edge. Also.. warning parents about the danger of makeup kits is like warning parents about the danger of peanuts. HER child had an allergic reaction- doesn't mean others will have any problem whatsoever.

  23. In my eyes, cosmetics are completely unnecessary. It is false beauty. I can't stand when people wear make up. Especially since the companies prey on self esteem. Anybody working for cosmetics companies is a complete douschebag. You people make those who may not have a perfect 10 face believe they can attain true beauty with our products. Look here your products wash off, REAL beauty is infinite. Screw any/all you jagoffs who work in that field. And for those who's use Botox, are you asking for death? What about the word TOXIN makes you think it's safe to inject into your face? Botulinum TOXIN. PEOPLE USING BOTOX ARE STRAIGHT UP ASKING FOR IT. No way around it

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  25. A lot of people said that just let the kids wear adult makeup
    Please don’t do that, kids shouldn’t be wearing any makeup at all.
    As you may know most makeups contain lots of chemicals
    Kids have 10% to 20% higher absorption rate than adults due to their high metabolism. And their bodies cannot differentiate between good or bad chemicals. All they can do is absorb, absorb and absorb whatever is applied. All the chemicals absorbed will be a huge damage for their skin.
    Especially whitening lotion, hugely popular in Asia. There’re mercury commonly found in them, mercury is very dangerous and can easily penetrate into the skin. It will make you feel discomfort or worst, organ failures and death.

    You guys probably saying, why don’t just buy natural and organic products? Not all natural products are good for your skin too. So if you want to buy any natural products, it’s better to just do some researches first before buying them.

    Anyways the suitable age for kids to apply makeup is 12 years old and above. If I said something wrong please let me know😂

  26. One time i took a makeup pad and wiped off my forehead and neck with it at a store and i had and allergic reaction my neck was all red and burning then it was hard to swallow i took Benadryl and washed my neck and head as quick as i could but it sucked it was scary and now i get nervous about anything i put near my body

  27. My friends and family: looks at my browsing history
    Me : your going to f****g regret it
    Friend 1 : as if-
    my friends and family: O_O
    Me : is proud of it
    My uncle : WTF
    ( I rather have my friends and family look at my browsing history because they would regret it anyways and would never look at it again)

  28. Even if something is labeled "non toxic" and "safe for children", there's always a chance that there will be an allergic reaction. It's not the makers fault. This thing happens.

  29. I had a lipstick that made my lip burn and swell. I used my makeup remover right away and just blamed it on a cheap product and threw it out right away. I was lucky after some ice packs antihistamines and Tylenol I was ok

  30. I used a pro starter kit that was apparently “really good” it was also a mix of makeup wipes and loose sparkly eyeshadows I had to throw the makeup away because I could no longer use that makeup without discomfort but the makeup caused and allergic reaction and the wipes caused a chemical burn and irritation it lasted about 52 hours thank god it did be carful with what makeup you use and read the back for ingredients and don’t forget to do a makeup test on a small part of your body and wait 48 hours to get results

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