Whitening My Teeth Like Kylie Jenner HiSmile Review

Whitening My Teeth Like Kylie Jenner HiSmile Review

Alright so we all know who these people are
right? Well the Kardashians are well known for promoting
this teeth whitening product. Now the only thing with celebrity endorsements
is that we don’t always know if the product is legit and if these celebrities are just
being paid to promote and push these products. So if you want to see if this product actually
does what it says and you want to see my results please keep watching. Hey guys The Pretty Witch. Welcome back to my channel. So today I’m going to be reviewing another
buzz worthy product that is making waves all over social media. Now I recently did review another one of these
products and that is the Skinny Mint Teatox. So if you haven’t seen that video I will put
that video link down below for you guys to check out. Now I love testing out products. I give honest and real reviews. So please help me out and support me by subscribing
to my channel and also make sure you hit the bell symbol that way you get notified when
I post any new videos. So today I’m reviewing HiSmile which is an
at home DIY teeth whitening kit. Now the company claims that you should achieve
maximum results with only six applications and each application only takes ten minutes. So the company also claims that the ingredients
in this product will ensure no pain or sensitivity throughout the process. Now I have highly sensitive teeth so I’m really
curious to see if the product actually lives up to that claim. Now this product has become a massive trend
with millennials and is growing in popularity due to its massive Instagram marketing campaign
and tons of celebrity endorsements. Now their website even has incredible testimonials
and also a five star rating. So I’m really hoping this product actually
works because it’s so much more affordable than going to your dentist for professional
teeth whitening. Now I paid eighty nine ninety nine canadian
for the kit but what’s really great is they claim to offer a full money back guarantee. So they say if you do not achieve at least
two shades whiter that you will receive your money back. So let’s dive into the kit and see what’s
included. So when you open it up this is what it looks
like. So included in the kit is an instruction manual. You also get a teeth whitening chart. Now first impression just looking at this
chart. I’m not sure if you can pick it up well on
camera but it doesn’t look all that accurate. It kind of has more pink tones to it. Now no one has pink teeth unless you’re like
a unicorn or something. So I feel like this should have been more
on the yellow scale. So the company claims you can get up to at
least eight shades whiter and if you don’t see at least two shades difference than you
will get your money back so let’s see where I fall on the spectrum. I don’t know I think I’m about a five. What do you guys think? Yeah I think I’m about a five. So included in the kit you also get your LED
light. A mouth tray and three viles of whitening
gel. Okay so let’s go ahead and read the instruction
manual. First thing it says is to gently clean teeth
by brushing with toothpaste. Now I’ve already gone ahead and done that. Then it says take the battery out of the LED
light remove plastic and reinsert battery to turn on. So on the back of the LED light is the battery
panel so I’m just going to pop that off. And then take the battery out. There’s two batteries in here. Remove plastic. So I’m taking the plastic out. Put the battery back in. It’s making noise. Okay that’s done. Next it says to attach the mouth tray to the
LED light. So I’ve gone ahead and attached the mouth
tray to the LED light so that’s what that looks like. So next your going to take a quarter of the
whitening gel and you’re going to put it ontop of the tray and a quarter of the gel onto
the bottom of the tray. Now what’s really great about this vial is
they do have markings on it so it lets you know exactly how much product to use. Okay so I’m going to go ahead and put the
whitening gel into the tray. So once the gel is in the tray you can go
ahead and put it in your mouth and then you press the button to start the LED light. Now the process takes ten minutes but the
light will shut off when you’re done and then you’re going to rinse your mouth out with
warm water to remove any residue. Okay so it’s been ten minutes. I’ve rinsed out my mouth with warm water. In terms of like shade difference I don’t
really notice anything quite yet but it is only day one. Overall first impression I do have to say
the flavour of this product was pretty pleasant. I have used teeth whitening products in the
past and they were really disgusting. Also the mouth tray was really comfortable. It didn’t irritate my gums and the process
was super quick. It only took ten minutes so that’s a plus. But in terms of the actual lightening of my
teeth we will have to see if that works so I will continue using the product over the
next couple of days and I will keep you guys updated. Alright guys so that’s it. That’s the end of the six day treatment using
the hismile teeth whitening kit. Now in my opinion I don’t really personally
see a change within my teeth at all. I still feel like I am falling between a four
and a five on the scale on this teeth chart here. So I definitely will be contacting the company
about the money back guarantee. Now this video will probably be posted before
I actually have a chance to get through to them so what I will do is I will update you
guys down below in the comment field to let you know if they actually did follow through
with the money back guarantee. Now I understand everybody has different teeth
and products may work differently on different people but I personally really didn’t find
this product worked. Honestly in my opinion I don’t think these
celebrities are actually really using this product. I think they’re just being paid to promote
the product because come on Kylie Jenner is a billionaire. Like she doesn’t need to use an eighty nine
ninety nine dollar teeth whitening kit when she can afford to actually go to a professional
and get her teeth actually professionally whitened. So I’m not a hundred percent a believer on
the celebrities promoting this product which is why I like to test out these products for
you guys and actually see if they are legit. But if any of you have actually tried this
product and it did work out for you comment down below. Let me know. So I hope you guys enjoyed this review. Give the video a thumbs up if you liked it. Also make sure you check out some of my other
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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience, I'm sorry to hear you didn't receive the results you were after. Feel free to reach out to us on Instagram (hismileteeth) or by email [email protected] we would be happy to help with your Money Back Guarantee – Mollie

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