Why Kylie Jenner Is Keeping Her Pregnancy A Secret | Hollywoodlife

Why Kylie Jenner Is Keeping Her Pregnancy A Secret | Hollywoodlife

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  1. Boiiiii we all know Kylie went and got a abortion. Smh maybe a miscarriage. Either way….PROVE IT KYLIE. SHOW US A PHOTO

  2. Urgh!!! The attention seeking brat probs NOT even pregnant, it's most likely a publicity stunt set by Kris Jenner to keep people talking about them n while people are talking about them they're making money

  3. Moving from LA, but last year she bought house of 12million and now to move? Are you guys even thinking what are you gonna say?

  4. Hope you all know you have been talking about this shit since September. I love how when you guys talk about her you say she is pregnant, when you don’t even known. Y’all obsess over her. She’s probably watches all of these videos and laughs her ass off at you guys.

  5. Who is gives a shit wtf is wrong with the media so much is happening all over the world and here all they give a toss about Kylie is pregnant or not lool

  6. shes a little too, i dunno, young and dumb to have a kid
    "is- is that a chicken??" what shes gonna say when she gives birth

  7. Have nobody though about If Kylie is Kim surrogat ? It would make since, Kylie is hidding her pregnancy and Kim having a baby in 2018 same as Kylie

  8. So what you fans will be mad when you find out she is not. If she is okay if she is not oh well on to the next one

  9. Kylie is hiding because of 3 serious reasons: No.1. during pregnancy lipfller isn't allowed No.2. She don't know hwo is the father of the baby and No3 She has gained weight!!

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