Why Pregnant Kylie Jenner Is Still In Hiding | Hollywoodlife

Why Pregnant Kylie Jenner Is Still In Hiding | Hollywoodlife

– Travis Scott finally reacts to the Kylie Jenner pregnancy news. Plus, does Kylie want to retire from the celebrity life for good? – Hey guys is Ali with your
Most Necessary story of the day and before we dive into Kylie, did Kendall Jenner get lip fillers? KJ attended the Golden Globes in LA. Looked amazing but got a
lot of internet backlash for her fuller looking lips. We asked our expert, 6Board Certified New York plastic surgeon Dr. Norman Row and he said it does appear Kendall has gotten her lips filled. He said these lip fillers
can last up to year and cost about 750 dollars, which is nothing to a Kardashian, so I see why it’s tempting. To our other favorite
Jenner and her baby daddy, as we reported last week, Kylie
is feeling alone, confused, and worried over her
relationship with Travis Scott. The two are still talking almost every day while he’s been away for work and although they’re
not entirely broken up they’re not exactly together either. Kylie’s disappointed by
Trav’s constant absence and is not longer clear about
what she wants from him. Fortunately, Kylie also
feels no matter what happens with La Flame, she’ll be
fine thanks to her family. She’s been leaning on Kim Kardashian, whose big piece of advice
has been to not let Travis take her for granted. However, we’re also told
by insiders that Travis is having a hard time dealing with Kylie because she refuses to be seen in public. La flame is very frustrated
that she won’t get out and live life with him, and they’ve been fighting a lot about it. He’s not going to break
up with her over it but it’s a big strain. Travis also just talked
with billboard magazine and revealed the firs
thing he wanted to be when he was growing up. – I wanted to be a
nerphrologist when I grew up. – [Interviewer] A what? – A nerphrol, a kidney doctor. – [Interviewer] Oh. – That is very specific Travis. But okay, the rapper was a lot less open in the magazine interview portion when asked about the Kylie pregnancy news. Saying, I don’t want to talk about that. They’re just guesses. Let them keep fishing. Travis has taken all the
KarJenner media training courses. Back to Kylie, our reporters
in LA say much like Travis, the Dash family is starting to get worried about their youngest
sister becoming a hermit. Kylie is terrified of getting fat shamed the way Kim was when she
was pregnant with North. And refuses to leave the house. Kylie was a teenager when
she saw Kim get slammed for the way she looked and
has major anxiety about it. While Kylie loves being pregnant, she feels way to fragile to deal with any sort of body shaming. Kylie’s family though is trying
to help her face her fears and encourage her to let the
world see her pregnancy body. They’re hoping Chloe’s
recent public appearances and interviews will help
encourage Kylie to do the same. The family would love
to see Kylie go on Ellen and a big pregnancy announcement. Or at least just step
outside from time to time. This is the most shocking part though. We’re also hearing from
sources close to the family that Kylie is thinking about being out of the spotlight for good. The lip kit mogul wants to shift her focus to becoming a mom and a business woman. But I have to say, the
success of her business is based on having a public face. No snaps means no fans
and no lip kit business, eventually, right? Okay much love to our notification squad. Love you guys. And for everyone else, while
Kylie figures herself out, I’d really like you to click right up here to subscribe to our channel. So we can keep you posted on all the latest KarJenner news.

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  1. If it's true. Then she is pregnant, and she doesn't want her image to be "pregnant". She was always known to be sexy. So she's gonna give birth and lose the weight naturally or not and then come back in it the lime light and say Here is my baby and my body.

  2. I think that when it comes out that shes not pregnant its really going to damage her image for waiting so long to admit it.

  3. How do people think they know what's going on in other people's relationship???!? I don't understand how she can say it with such certainty…

  4. How do you know how her current emotions are about her pregnancy? That's just reaching….I'm not gonna believe she's pregnant until she says it herself and not from whatever "sources" are out there. Like that's messed up if someone close to Kylie was selling information. Why not expose these so-called sources so we'll know it's legit

  5. WHY DOES EVERYONE WANT this woman to be pregnant??? OMG let her breathe!!!!!! STOP the harassment already !!!! Pregnant or NOT It's her problem!!!! Smh

  6. Can we stop with Kylie Jenner being pregnant. If she is pregnant why haven't she told everyone. And what does it even matter of she is its like "wow kylies pregnant she like everyone else" and how are they getting this news… Why does it matter if the Jenners or the Kardashian family is pregnant there just regular people..

  7. Kylie looks like a human plastic sex doll. Like a real life version of it girl got a really dumb vibe about her followed by a shallow vacant face with no emotion behind the eyes. This chick is the self centered stuck up and arrogant Pos, God knows is she is having a child how that child will grow up to be just like her perhaps even worse. You know your a worthless celebrity when you have to be pregnant in order to stay relevant. What is so special about this chick and why people care so much about her baffles me. At least her other family members can hold a conversation, this girl can’t even put a sentence together, that is why her show tanked, her makeup line is under constant criticism bad quality, bad reviews and over priced. Being pregnant or rumored to be pregnant is keeping her relevant. #begonethot

  8. If we were talking about a 20 year old in a rough part of LA, we'd be calling it as it really is. A piece of trailer trash knocked up by her disgusting boyfriend. Lets not make these people heroes because they're not.

  9. i will like to give my suggestions @hollywoodlife my suggestion is instead of this Hollywood life why not kylieupdates or kylena that is kylie and selena gomez.because i dont understand how you are always talking about kylie and selena are they the only Hollywood star??😕😩😩😩😩

  10. Half my teen life I’ve been in love with a certain race of women, you Should know who.
    Watching Interracial Porn until my *** Turn Blue
    The feeling that I’m worth something seeing Austin Taylor, Lisa Ann, Julie Ann, Julie cash, Alura Jenson, skyla stylez, Alexis golden all take it.
    I wish one day we can claim our movement and I can finally love you
    Feeling pathetic as a man cause I’m not allow to
    Memories of historic trauma made me afraid to ever approach you
    They say he’s crazy, forget empathy, I know they gonna use this data against me
    But I’ll keep fighting for my right to love until they Lynch me.

  11. Don’t believe anything in news these days 💯 of the time there doing it for money because nothing else to report.# we could talk about how Society is fkup and how we all just feeding on this new which isn’t even news.

  12. Lol !!! Maybe she doesn’t want nobody to see her ass getting bigger and bigger because of a natural body change when you got pregnant!! Idiot!

  13. She hasn’t posted on insta since last year. And only seen on Snapchat’s of her lip kits. But haven’t seen her?

  14. You mean why is Kylie hiding
    You don’t know if she’s pregnant yet 🙄
    All this fake news no wonder she is hiding 😳

  15. Pregnant women being body shamed?! What the hell is wrong with people? You're supposed to have fat to protect the baby, it's natural. Fuck.

  16. Maybe this is kylies way of wasting medias time 2018 XD. Hell id do it if i was that famous and media wanted to be all up in my business 24/7 id make them lose their shit over something fake for months and then after be like "gotcha!"

  17. Omg … guess what .. Kylie may be pregnant .. WHO CARES … and lip fillers .. OMG REALLY … seriously so petty and stupid.. and oh I clicked on this crap just to post this comment …. isn’t there something … anything for all of ya to talk about .. GEEEESH …

  18. Wow. If Kylie is really pregnant, then the fact that she is in hiding because she is afraid of appearing fat is a HORRIBLE way to start motherhood! The narcisissm of this family is frightening and very very unhealthy.

  19. She has fucking anxiety about fucking everything it’s like a term the Kardashian’s just through around it’s actually horrible

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