Women Grow Out Their Facial Hair For 30 Days

– Is it a month long? – [Camerawoman] Yeah. – Oooh! (cheerful music) – I have had the hairiest
face since childhood. – I grow facial hair,
like, all through here. – I have lovely little trinkets of hair sticking out, like a little goat. – Every time someone
says anything nice to me, if they ever say anything nice to me, it’s about my brows. To just let them go free is something that’s just not going to work for me. – When I was younger, I noticed that people on TV didn’t have as much hair on their face as I did, so that’s when I kind of thought that it wasn’t normal. – The only woman with a
unibrow is Frida Kahlo, and she’s still called ugly. – I’m hoping to gain some
confidence in myself. – I think it’ll be nice to give my face a break for like, a month. – You like what you see now? Give this a month. (gong banging) (classical music)
– I didn’t expect that this little chin hair is already so long. If you can kind of see that. I’m going to be super hairy
at the end of this month. – I personally notice,
like, a lot of growth. I’m getting really paranoid. – So it’s been about a week
since I’ve done this challenge, and already I have, like,
just hair everywhere, and I feel like everyone’s
staring at my unibrow. (ding) (faster classical music)
– Aah! I have so much hair, it’s driving me nuts! It’s not a lot of hair on, like, tape. In person, I think, you can see it. It’s really bothering me. – There’s a little bit
of a unibrow growing in, right there. It’s starting to merge. This is my worst nightmare. – Like, I realize that
this isn’t that bad, but I feel super hideous. I need to pluck my brows. (ding) (very fast classical music)
– So I just came back from my interview. I just kept thinking,
like, “What if he notices how bushy my eyebrows are? What if he just thinks I’m a slob, that I’m just lazy, and he just translates that into my work ethic,” and you know, it was just, it was just too much. – I mentioned it to my
guy friend the other day, and I was like, “Hey, I’m
doing a BuzzFeed video,” and he was like, “Oh,
cool, what is it about?” “Blah, blah, blah, facial hair.” He’s like, “Ew, that’s
gross, that’s so gross!” I don’t think it’s that gross! I think it’s good to keep things kempt, same as for guys. I’d rather be kissing you and not flossing my teeth with your beard. – I never want to do this again. I feel hideous, I feel
like a monster right now. I’m not happy about this challenge. I might actually get them done today, because I just literally
can’t take it anymore. (ding) (fast classical music)
– You can’t see it, right? You can’t see it. I don’t think you can see it. I feel it, though. I feel it. I really want to take it off. (frustrated noise) – Oh my. I can totally see it now. Usually, I wasn’t able to see… Oh my god. – Plucked a little bit, like on the sides. Still left a little bit more hair than I’m used to leaving. I don’t even care that I plucked. I’m a piece of shit, sorry. (swelling happy, simple music)
I thought I’d better at it, and I felt like, “This is going
to be a really great moment for me to like, give zero
fucks,” but I’ve never given more fucks in my life. – I think I would’ve been
fine with my facial hair if I wasn’t concerned with other people’s perspective of me. – I didn’t even want to go outside. My boyfriend was coming
in from out of town, and I just couldn’t feel sexy. I don’t think it was so
much a beauty standard issue as much as it was, like, a me issue. – The videos started getting
more (laughs) agitating. I’d try to put on makeup, but
you’d see, like, whiskers. At a point, I was sitting in my car, and I was ripping out my own mustache hair because it was making me paranoid. – I had an interview this month, and that was, I think,
the most nerve-wracking I had ever been about my appearance. I avoided eye contact a
lot during the interview, and I thought that really hurt my chances. Spoiler, it didn’t, but no one said anything negative about them. – There are a lot of people out there who either aren’t allowed, or, because of cultural reasons, they don’t get to remove facial hair. Hang in there. We have to fight the world as it is, and the people in it. We shouldn’t have to fight ourselves. – No matter how minor it might be for someone else, it mattered to me. If it matters to you, then it’s important. – I think I liked the experience enough that I would probably do it again for No Shave November. It’s a good excuse to
not groom for a month. – Stubble doesn’t hurt, it just makes you grow, and grow stronger.

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