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– Got a nice butthole, it turns out. Saf tells me my butthole looks nice. (upbeat music) It’s been one year since we
tried long-wear lipsticks. – And since then we have
lady tested a lot of things. – But it turns out there
are more lipsticks to try. – There are always more lipsticks to try. – It’s Ladylike, and we’re
testing liquid lipsticks. – Again. – Test One: Drink some damn bubble tea. – Test Two: Kiss a hottie. – AKA a picture of an old celebrity crush. – Test Three: Eat a damn piece of pizza. – It’s been one year of
ladyliking, lady testing, and lady approving. – It feels like it’s been light years since we’ve tried long-wear lipsticks. We’ve come a long way. – I remember the shoot a year ago, and it was a crazy ass shoot. I think today will go a bit smoother. – No, I think I was a
Test Friend last year. – I’m super excited to get
back into Lipstick Olympics. It was our first Olympics ever, our first Ladylike video ever. – Let’s do it! I have NYX Lingerie, color Exotic. Oh. Oh, my lips feel really dry already. I think it has to dry a little bit for the color to really set in. It’s also kinda making
my lips look wrinkly. I feel like there’s a lot
of wrinkles on my lips, but I think it’ll last a day. – I have Kat Von D Lolita lipstick. I can’t apply it as
gracefully as others can, but I tried my best. I straight up don’t know
if I’ve ever put this on. No detectable smell. Kinda feel like a picture bride. All made up, nowhere to go. – I can’t believe this is Jen’s first liquid lipstick experience,
and we’re all here with her. I have Colourpop Ultra
Matte Lip in Beeper. I will say that it’s not
completely dried down, which means it’s kind of comfortable, but that makes me nervous
about its chances later on because it hasn’t fully clung
to every little bit of my lip. See, you can already see
a little bit on my teeth. The pizza might take it down. – So I have a Kylie liquid
lipstick in Candy K. It looks on my lips pretty similar to how it looks on the
tube, which is kind of nice. Application was really smooth. Kylie’s colors are notorious
for staying on the entire day. I’m gonna put that to the test. – [Safiya] I like how it
looks right now a lot. We’ll see how it looks
at the end of the day. – [Freddie] Ooh, this
is gonna be a hard one. I’m excited. – Test number one. – [Chantel] Drink some damn bubble tea. – We chose boba because the
straws are usually quite fat. If you need to drink some
boba, you got to get around it. – Freddie.
– Alright, Freddie! – Okay, let’s take a look
at my rim before I start. – Okay, I’m gonna zoom in. Yeah, so it’s, uh… – It’s there. – It’s there, but I wouldn’t say it’s bad. – Ooh. – [Safiya] Looks clean to me. – Crumblies. – Oh, you see crumblies? – Are there crumbles? Hold on. – [Jen] Oh yeah, you can
see they went right here. – I don’t feel hopeless just
yet, but there are crumbles, and… There are crumbles. So who’s next? – I’m not quiet dried down,
which makes it feel nice, but that makes me almost sure
that you’ll have a full ring around this bad boy. – Little bit.
– There we go. – Tiny bit. – I kinda wanna lip it a little bit more. – [Chantel] I will say it’s
a little more than Freddie’s. – Totally. And it’s because I’m a
little wetter than Freddie. What? (laughing) – I have an iced green tea with boba, a patented favorite. I can’t get the bobes! – Keep sucking, Chantie, keep sucking. Do not stop. – Whoa. – [Safiya] Anything? – [Jen] There’s a little
something along the white. – There’s just a teeny tiny part. Just a tinge of dusty rose. Mouth feels okay. – How are the shrivel lips, though? – [Safiya] I see a little wrinkle. Your butthole looks pretty nice, though. – [Freddie] Oh yeah. – I’ve got a nice butthole, it turns out. – I got red boba. I think it’s Thai Red, is
what it said on the menu, so I don’t actually know what that means. I think there’s like, no, it’s smudged. You can see there’s like a little bit. It’s very hard to tell
even with the naked eye. – [Safiya] How does your butthole feel? – Well, let me tell you.
I have a terrible diet. I think it’s staying on pretty well. My mouth doesn’t feel that dry. – [Safiya] How’s the boba? – [Jen] It’s really good. – Cheers! – Your lips do look nice, though. – Yours are really nice.
– Very dignified, classy. – [Jen] Thank you. – [Safiya] It’s a great color. Test number two: kiss
a hottie on the lips. By hottie, I mean I printed
out a few pictures of our early childhood crushes. – My childhood crush was none
other than Simba himself. – My celebrity crush was
Norah Jones, circa 2008. – Of One Tree Hill fame,
Mr. Chad Michael Murray. – JC Chasez was a long
lasting one, let’s say. I was always an NSYNC girl and JC was always number one in my heart even though JT may be
number one on the charts. – See, as a child I definitely
was into young Simba because we were kind of
on the same playing field but now that I’m looking at it grown man Simba, mmm hmm. – I saw her in an episode
of 30 Rock when they were doing a parody of We Are the World. She is the singer that says, “And only some of us are drunk.” I remember her line. – Ah! This is so weird. This is about the size of the poster I had cuz I just ripped it out of a magazine and then put it on my wall. – Let’s what the transfer is looking like. – I thought this would be
less awkward than kissing a real person but somehow
this is way more awkward. I’m going to hold the
back of his head, gently. – Okay. (jazzy music) – Oh. I mean… – Yes, I’ve left him a little. Oh wow. – A few crumblies, but not a ton. I could definitely kiss a real person and it wouldn’t be that bad. – I’ve actually somehow
placed it perfectly so that my little bits
of crumbles have ended up where his mustache is. – If you tilt it just right, in certain lights you
can see the outline of it but it’s so very faint. – No, I don’t see, wow.
I kissed Norah Jones and no one would know if we
hadn’t caught it on film. There’s no marks! Nothing. Kat Von D stayed on tight. – Test three.
– Eat some damn pizza. – The most delicious of tests. – It is. Truly is. – It looks fun. There’s an olive on mine. – There’s also an olive on mine. – And a mushroom. I didn’t get one. – Do you want my mushrooms? – It’s oily. It’s delicious looking. – It smells so good. – Should we dive in?
– Yeah. – Cheers! – [Safiya] The number one
rule of liquid lipsticks is to avoid oily foods, but sometimes you can’t avoid oily foods. – I’m not going to stop my life. I don’t know about you
but I’m going to eat. – I’m surprised there’s
still lipstick on here. I’ve been licking my mouth a lot. And the pizza feels just
like a big greasy old napkin. – I don’t think I realized
how dry my lips felt until oil touched them
and then it was just like sweet relief, sweet moisture. – I don’t see any transfer though. – You’ll see on the paper towels. – Should I try a little dab? Oh. Yeah. More came
off on mine than yours. – I feel like yours doesn’t
even look like it ever got wiped away. – Oh! That’s not too bad. – Not too shabby, but you can
see the entirety of my mouth. – Yes. Oh. – You know, doing pretty
well. I just see the inner. – Yeah. – That looks like inner rim to me. – I learned that in Psych
101 at the end of every study you have to declare that more
research is always needed and so I’m going to follow
that psychological principle. – My senior year psych
teacher said that she could always tell when students
had a crush on them and then she looked directly at me. – Did you have a crush on her?
– Yeah. – I gave you my mushroom
and you didn’t even eat it. Oh my god, I am taking this back. Well you took it and
you didn’t even eat it! – I wasn’t done with my plate.
– Fine. – This sad little thing
she gave me. Trifling. I mean, did I win? – Let’s take a look and see how we did. – Let’s see the damage. (overlapping Oohs) – It’s not bad. – Yeah, that’s faded.
That’s faded as fuck. – The dryness is
definitely quite prominent. Butthole lip is… – It feels super, super dry
and I feel like it looks very wrinkly and dry. I think if you were to just
see me walking on the street you wouldn’t say, “Ooh,
that girl has dry lips. “She better figure it out.” – It looks a little moist. Maybe that’s the pizza oil. I would say good job
on the butthole factor. Minimal. Minimal butthole factor. I’m impressed but I did come dead last on every single test. So
take that as you will. – I won most of the competitions but it was external factors
that brought me down in the end. I’m not used to wearing
lipstick, I licked my lips a lot. I caught myself absent
mindingly biting my nails at one point, too, so
there’s just lipstick stain on my nails. – I think at this point of the day would have wanted to reapply just because it feels a little
bit like it’s fading a bit but it’s not terrible.
I’m not mad about it. NYX, you did a good job. – You know I really think
that it was the pizza that did me in. So last year, in our
inaugural Ladylike video, which was testing lipsticks as well, I won. Today, I have to
respectfully dethrone myself and pass along the crown. – Our lips are dry but
our hearts are full. – And our bellies are full of pizza. – Absolutely. – Sitting in there like a lump of bricks. – Despite Jen winning the
battles but losing the war, I think we have a clear winner in Saf! – Yes, Saf’s lips look the best. – They do. They look quite
nice, very freshly applied. – But I came in dead last in every test. I’m very happy to be the winner, but I’m even happier
to have spent one year with all these gals. – Aww, look at that. – One year. Should we group hug it? – Yeah.
– My girls! – Happy one year anniversary.
– Yay! – We’re one year’s old. – We have the motor skills
and the potty training of a one year old. – Like a fine cheese, we
just get better with time. – Imagine me by a
fireside. I’m Ron Swanson swilling a glass of whiskey
with a few ice cubes in it. Happy one year anniversary, Ladylike. – Thank you so much for watching Ladylike. – If you’d like to see more of us, click there to subscribe to our channel. – Or take off these
covers because none of us are wearing pants.

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