Yoga Facial Exercises for Upper Lip Wrinkles : VitaLife Show Episode 184

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we’re talking all about Yoga facial exercises for upper lip wrinkles so these are also called the
smokers line so if you’re a smoker you know exactly what I’m talking about if you drink out of a straw a lot you
can start to develop these vertical lines on especially the
upper lip but they do develop on the lower lip as well so this exercise I want you to pay attention do this at
least about 30 to 50 repetitions of this if you
can do it twice a day is fantastic and you can do this at your
desk when you’re at work maybe in the car if you’re at a
stoplight and you do require both hands so to be able to hold down your skin all your going to do is basically the
opposite motion of pursing your lips or smoking which
would be like this what we’re gonna do is the opposite of that that to help to
counteract those wrinkles that are forming so there’s a big muscle that goes
right around our lips and what we’re gonna do is be working out this muscle so we’re
going to press down gently on the skin on the upper lip and sort of roll that upper lip over your teeth like so and then release role release role release and you actually feel that muscle. I can already feel it working it may become nice in red and that’s an
indication that the blood is going to that muscle and you’re working out. And that will help to actually plump up the skin from the
inside out because you’re working at the muscle much like if you’re working out your
biceps are the other muscles in your body we know that this brings tone this also
helps to firm up the skin on the outside because
you’re helping to increase that muscle mass so do again
about 30 to 50 repetitions of this. And you can do this quickly and you can also do
a more sustained repetition of that we’re holding a muscle
so it’s up to you whatever is comfortable for you you can start to see the results of
this one in as little as about a week seven days which is absolutely
phenomenal so leave your comments below I wanna hear how it’s going for you and your questions as well. Be sure to
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exercises right up here all about detoxification right in the
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veins so check that one how to treat varicose veins and spider
veins naturally thanks for joining me today be sure to
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