Yoga Facial Exercises : How to lift Droopy Eyelids : VitaLife Show Episode 165

Yoga Facial Exercises : How to lift Droopy Eyelids : VitaLife Show Episode 165

Welcome to the VitaLife Show. I’m doctor
Janine Bowring and in this episode were talking all
about Yoga facial exercises a natural facelift helping to lift sagging eyelid so for a lot of
women men as well the eyelid start to droop
it’s actually called ptosis that’s the medical term and I’ll
be showing you some great exercise it today how to lift those sagging eyelids as well to be sharing some of my favourite
beauty tricks as well so make sure that you stay till the end to this video watch the
whole thing so that you get those beauty tricks and tips as well. Be sure that you Subscribe to our
channel because well always give you the best health advice health news beauty tips everything that
you need to know to live the best you the following are some
of my favorite Yoga facial exercises for natural
facelift affect how to make your skin glow and how to
lift your drooping and sagging eyelids so what this is called it’s called an
eyebrow push-up All you going to do is put your hands on
top of your eyebrows and you’re going to lift your eyebrows
then you’re going to close your eyes then you open your eyes and relax so lift pressing down gently so you’re acting like a little weight on
top in your eyebrows the lift your eyebrows close your eyes then relax that contractions and then open your
eyes and again lift close lower and open so you want to do about 20 repetitions of this so this
is a great way to strengthen the muscles surrounding the eyes which is called the
orbicularis oculi so this is a great way to do
that and to help to lift that drooping eye lid. So you wanna do by
20 repetitions of this one to three times a day
depending on your timing the more the better to strengthen that muscle now for the second exercise these are
called eyelid lifts so basically we’re doing is
make sure you have nice clean hands so wash your hands and
you’re going to use your index fingers right on your eyelid in this again is
acting like your weight that you’re going to be lifting against
so you just gently close your eyes put your fingers on top of your eyelids
and try to lift up your eyelids basically opening
your eyes and of course you can’t do because your
fingers are there and what this does is it helps to strengthen the levator muscle helping again to lift those sagging eyelids so yet if you can do 20 repetitions of
this one to three times a day that is perfect and you will see a
dramatic effect inlifting those droopy eyelids so many women across the world always ask me
what are your beauty secrets the two supplements that I
wouldn’t live without for my beauty routine include the VitaTree Hair Skin and Nails
and the VitaFish oil these are my absolute favorite I take them every day
actually take more than what it says on the bottle so if you do have those
questions or comments please leave them below and I’ll tell you exactly how I do
it but these are natural ingredients to
help with that luminosity in the skin maintaining your collagen and elastin
fibers so I hope you enjoy today’s video all
about a natural facelift helping to lift those drooping eyelids please give
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home thanks for joining me today

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  1. I liked it alit i did 40 for each is there any other eye exercise for ur eyes 1 of my eyes is drooping alot more then other it would be help full

  2. i think second exercise makes wrinkles on the forehead. i think this because i did eyelid lifts many many years when i apply mascara (nofingers on, of course), and i ended up with many wrinkles on my forehead. so, i think the first one is better, because you keep the forehead skin with your fingers.

  3. Are there any before and after pictures you can link me to? These excercises would be PERFECT for me but I want to see the results they can give

  4. Strange every show u have different vitamins for us to take. Imagine if u we take every vitamins you recommend I bet we can damage the liver because every show you have 2 vitamins. If I listen to you id be taking more then 100 different vitamins a day. Are u getting paid for advertising? Shoving down our throat all these pills that are supposed to be good for our health.

  5. Thanks for the exercises. You might want to do some research on fish oil, as from what I understand, it is NOT healthy and actually dangerous to consume.

  6. The second exercise is not ok, because ti will cause forehead wrinkles on a long term. When doing face yoga it's very important not to cause dynamic wrinkles. I have hooded eyes, but would never do this kind of an exercise. You really need to find better exercises, especially since you're an expert and are posting videos on youtube. Everyone is free to choose whether they want to do these exercises but I think it's your responsibility to warn people they will make forehead wrinkles worse.

  7. hi ı love you very much you are very beautiful ıI dıd yoga 4 months but my eyes corner sagıng and MY jaw is intented my face ıs not oval especially depressor angulı muscle and saggınd and my jawline saggıng whıch pose can help me? please answer thank you

  8. Dear Dr, don't you have any exercise how to get fuller cheeks, make them bigger and plumper for the people with very thin faces? Also, something for marionette wrinkles .Please help, thank you

  9. i wonder why should we practice for both of our eyes cause there's an eye that smaller than the other one. should i only do it for the smaller eye or do it both?

  10. You said we need to do 20 repetitions for the fingers on our eyes. How long do we keep our fingers on our eyes, to know how many repetitions we still need to do? Also, how long do we keep our hands pressed above our eyebrows? Seconds?? Repetitions? Thanks!

  11. My wife has been using both formulas for 8 months, and there is a drastic change. Thank you for the information.

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