YouTuber Beats Child For Breaking A Jeffree Star Cosmetics Palette | Rikki Poynter

YouTuber Beats Child For Breaking A Jeffree Star Cosmetics Palette | Rikki Poynter

Hi everyone. So, I’m here at at my streaming
setup because I want to, we’re gonna talk about child
abuse today, for our video. And I just wanted to get this
video up as fast as possible, not worry about what looks
nice behind the background, or me, I’ve been sick and all of that. So, I hopped in the shower, at
least, to look somewhat okay. As you may or may not know, I’ve dealt with child abuse all my life. Can you call it adult abuse
when you turn into an adult? I don’t know, but last
night something happened and it got spread out all over Twitter and there is a channel, or
someone named Michelle Grace, who has a YouTube channel, and I guess it’s a little
bit focused around makeup, and she uploaded a video called My Toddler Ruined My JSC,
Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Alien Palette and Now She’s Sad. It’s supposed to be a rant video and, you know, that Alien Palette is $52. If you’re toddler broke it and you’re sad and you wanna make a video to talk about it, go for it, I mean, if somebody broke an
expensive palette of mine, I would be upset too and if I wanna talk about it that’s fine. But there was a turn of events when someone posted a clip of it and said that this mother
just said her hand hurts from beating her two-year-old
for ruining her Alien Palette. And Michelle goes on to say that her hand is really, really hurting because she beat the crap out of her. And I believe those are her words, I have to go by what
Twitter and screenshots and stuff say because it’s not captioned, and I don’t even know if
the video is still up there. But, yeah. So, that kind of blew up all over Twitter and the drama channels got a hold of it because she talked about Jeffree Star and the drama channels on
YouTube love Jeffree Star, love talking about him. And now Philip DeFranco and
a couple of other people have gotten a hold of it. In this video that she posted, you can hear her child crying. So, she filmed the video
and then she edited it and she uploaded it, with her
child crying in the background so you kind of have to be concerned about that type of thing. And then, once that kind of blew up and people got a hold of her Twitter, and I even retweeted, and I said, hey you live in North Carolina, if you wanna have a conversation,
let’s have a conversation. She then tried to post an
Instagram story screenshot defending herself and saying that she didn’t actually beat her kid, she just spanked her, or she popped her, or whatever, and that
it’s a southern saying but they don’t actually do it. I live in the South, I’m
in the same state as you, I don’t know how close
we are to each other. Okay, yeah, I’ve seen a
couple of southerners say that they’re gonna pop
their kids or whatever and they don’t actually do it but just the way that you phrased pop, the way that it’s phrased
already is not a good way of saying that you’re going
to discipline your kid. And it’s just one of those things where you don’t really believe that
they didn’t really do anything more than just spanked their kid, which already is still a hitting act and put them in the crib because you say that
you’re hand is hurting. If you were to simply spank a child, would your hand really be hurting as bad as you say that it’s hurting? But no, you flat out said that you beat the crap out of her. And so, in these Instagram
stories, or screenshots, she goes on to say how
she’s a very good mother and her daughter is very smart, knows not to get into
makeup, etcetera, etcetera. You’re daughter is two years old, okay? You can say your daughter is
very, very smart all you want and I’m sure your daughter
is going to be very smart and may be very smart now but
she’s still two years old. Toddlers, two-year-olds,
they get into things and you are responsible
for putting your valuables where they shouldn’t be. Lock them up or something, right? As I’ve said before, I understand when you get frustrated or
sad over a palette breaking but that doesn’t justify
you beating the crap out of your two-year-old and
putting her back into the crib, and also filming evidence of it, I guess, and putting it on the channel. I hate it, part of me
hates it when people film this sort of evidence but at the same time I’m also kind of happy because
you just basically admitted to the entire world
about what you are doing. And when she continues to go on and say that she’s not a bad mother, there are stories from other people with just, like this person
here, that I’m looking at, says, “I used to support a collab channel “Michelle was on, or part of. “When a bunch of members left,
she went absolutely bonkers “and she did a live-stream “and was screaming in front of her child.” And, yeah. Another member left and he told her that she was a bad mom,
she didn’t like it, and she was screaming at the
computer in a live-stream and, you know, when you
do that sort of thing, I grew up with somebody
constantly screaming, slamming cabinets, things like that, and that sticks with you. I can’t handle people
dropping stuff loudly. I can’t handle people
forcefully closing cabinets. Even if they don’t actually mean it, like, I’m someone who
slams cabinets on accident, I’m deaf, I can’t hear
that stuff, you know, so, it just happens. But when I can feel it, or if it’s loud enough and
I can hear it, I tense up. You know, I don’t, it sticks with you for a very long time, and I’m 28, okay? I have gotten screamed at and hit for asking my mother, my abuser, to open a Dr. Pepper can. I have been screamed at and possibly hit for accidentally dropping
a bowl of spaghetti and it went everywhere in the kitchen. It was an accident and yeah,
the bowl likely broke, as well. And of course, I was screamed at. Unfortunately, I did not have the luxury, or the privilege, of that being filmed and put out on the internet
for everyone to see. (sighs) I… This is not the first case of YouTubers pretty much documenting what
they’re doing to their kids. DaddyO5 did a video a long time ago, his whole entire channel was him being absolutely terrible to his kids. And there’s a weight
loss YouTuber, whoever, who has video evidence of her
hitting her kid with a spoon, and now this is coming up, right? And I just… This is not okay. And Michelle has gone on to say that there are other instances
where she gets fed up with her child because her
kid doesn’t wanna go to bed, despite being told
constantly to go to bed, or she wakes up in the
middle of the night. If you’re having issues with your child, there’s a new season of Super Nanny that is on television right now. Call her up. If you do and if she were to accept, she would tell you to your face right now that what you were doing,
the behavior is unacceptable. People with children,
like Philip DeFranco, are telling you that your
behavior is unacceptable, and me, as someone who has dealt with what your child is doing right now, and what Zahra Baker and
other kids have dealt with, we’re telling you right
now that this is not okay. But if you really need
help with your children, or child, one, go to therapy, and two, just call Super
Nanny or something. And I’m sure she’ll fix you right up. Right after she also tells you, again, that what you are doing is wrong. I have no idea what’s going
on with Michelle right now. She’s blacked out her Twitter,
she removed her information, her profile picture is completely black, she still has some defense tweets up but she deleted her original
defense, screenshots. I don’t know what her
channel is up to right now but, obviously, the story has blown up. Yeah, I just wanted to sit
here and talk about it. I didn’t really want to edit anything. I wanted to get this up and hopefully I’ve gotten
all my thoughts down. I might want to write
something up about this on my website, as well,
so see if I can’t do that and get it up at the same time. I’m sorry that this video or, I guess I’m not really sorry that this video was not
up to my usual standards, you know, with lights and everything, and me not looking like a hot mess but I keep telling myself
I need to talk more about child abuse awareness. I find it to be important but I wish I would talk about it before more things like this pop up. Yeah. If you made it to the end of this video, I thank you very much. If you have kids, hug ’em, all right? And don’t do what Michelle Grace has done. All right. See you later. Have a good one. Bye.

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  1. Should this video actually remain monetized somehow (because of the video topic), ad revenue from this video will be donated to an organization fighting against child abuse.

  2. I was just watching Rachel Oates talk about it. I reported Michelle's channel with the link to the video snapshot on Twitter. Thanks for speaking up Rikki. ❤

  3. Hi Rikki,
    I disagree that parents should have to put their valuables up out of the way of children. When I was a baby, my Mom and I were going to go visit one of my Jewish grandmothers. She told Mom to make sure she put all of her breakable things up and out of the way. Mom said, "Does that mean that you want me to call before I come over and say, 'Shala is coming; put all of your things away?'"

  4. Hope you feel better soon rikki you're the second youtuber i have watched on this topic this should never be excused love you so much Rikki great video

  5. This kind of stuff makes me so glad that social media/YouTube/et al wasn’t a thing when I was a kid, ya know? While on one hand, I’m glad the evidence is there and everyone knows what a horrible person that is but on the other…I wouldn’t want everyone seeing the hell I lived in, you know? It would make me feel so much more vulnerable. Social media has really put us in a strange balance of being grateful that the “internet is forever” and at the same time, being grateful that none of this was a thing.

    This wound up weirdly worded and I’m exhausted – just kind of did a word salad here. Sorry!

  6. Hi Rikki! I’ve not seen the other ladies video but thank you for sharing and caring about this topic! It’s despicable that a grown adult blames a toddler for getting into something that she herself didn’t put up and out of the way! Hitting/hurting a child is disgusting & people who blame babies/toddlers for breaking things they should’ve put away safely, are reprehensible bullies! My mother broke my arm when I asked to go ice skating with my friend, when I was a kid (& much worse!)….I spilled grape juice at age 3 or 4 after my nap. She went crazy screaming, swearing & punching! I can relate deeply to your situation & this poor child’s too!! I hope someone in the family can & will help that poor little girl? Because my dad & brothers just helped my mother (& not me)…to keep her wrath away from them!…

  7. Psych major here:

    Positive punishment (punishments where you "give" rather than take away. IE: hitting, yelling, time out, etc) has multitudes of evidence to support the notion that it doesn't work.

    A child that age is not going to understand right or wrong to the fullest extent. Her irresponsible ass left it out where the child could reach. The child thinks "oh, this is in my reach which means I can have it". There's also a reason it's called terrible twos because kids are testing limits which is HEALTHY FOR BRAIN DEVELOPMENT AND MEANS YOU HAVE TO WATCH THEM.

  8. Thanks for getting up from your sick bed to bring attention to this issue and for donating the revenue to a child abuse charity.

  9. I just saw this story on Tik Tok and so many people were defending the mother and even saying she should have punished the child more. I’m so disgusted right now I want to scream. I sincerely hope someone comes and takes that child away from her and that the child can get a better life. Poor kid.

  10. It don’t matter what you look like,if the video is worth watching. This was well worth watching. Never woulda known about this without]got the video so I don’t really care how you wanna look while filming a video lol in a good way of course.

  11. Thanks for this video. I hadn’t heard of this and it’s very sad. I’m sorry to learn about your abuse history too:( I grew up in a similar household and can’t stand loud noises, yelling or name calling at all either, even if it’s friends joking around with name calling. I’m 26

  12. I very rarely use the word "hate". However, it applies to those who strike and physically & emotionally abuse children. This is such a despicable act. Hitting a defenseless child, over a makeup palette, is totally and completely inexcusable. I can't even imagine – I just … I'm sorry. I am a bit upset right now. I am going to end this comment here.

    Thank you for bringing this to light, Rikki. Your words carry extra meaning to me because of your experience with abuse. I really appreciate strength you show in discussing this topic. Take care, Rikki 👍🤟💜

  13. absolutely wild valuing $50 over a child.. i say that as someone who thats like an entire weeks grocery budget for me. wild she would get mad at a toddler when literally kids see makeup as a thing with which to play. yknow play with paint play with markers play with crayons. and then they see makeup and does it really seem all that different. (to a tiny brain. no. to me now a medium brain. gonna have to agree. no not really.) honestly dont understand why people like this HAVE kids when they clearly dont enjoy anything but themselves.

  14. Is there a typo at 8.26 in the captions? Where it says acceptable when it should be unacceptable?

    Do you know if anyone reported her to authorities? Given what happened with Daddy O Five I wouldn't be surprised if someone already has.

  15. I came from a similar background to you in a toxic/abusive household. We (mostly I) got yelled at for putting dirty dishes in with the clean dishes, running the dishwasher if it wasn't full, asking for food outside of regular meal & snack times (I was majorly underweight at 10 almost 11, I was 4'9" and 69 lbs), for leaving streaks when wiping off the counter/table, etc. I'm VERY jumpy when it feels like someone snuck up on me, hate loud noises & slamming doors/cabinets, yelling & screaming, babies crying, leaf blowers (they're just annoying). I have major depressive disorder alternating with periods of dysthymia, general anxiety, mild social anxiety, adult ADHD, PTSD, and an unspecified personality disorder. CPS got called a couple times, but they didn't do anything bc I wasn't allowed to tell the truth about what happened bc my siblings would have told on me and I would have gotten into more trouble. There wasn't any internet/social media in the 80s and early 90s. The only thing that ended up happening was that my dad & stepmom lost custody of me and I went to live with my grandparents who became my legal guardians. Then they used THAT as an excuse to not discipline my half brother, who is 10 years younger than me. My childhood was a mess and thus I am a mess. sigh

  16. I wouldn't say that super nanny is that great, a lot of punishment&reward systems there and that's just bullshit. And yeah if that means something I'm finishing my psych masters. Respectful parenting, peaceful parenting, radical unschooling, unconditional parenting etc are the way to go.

  17. Michelle Grace obviously has her heart poured into her cosmetics rather than her child. I understand that a Jeffree Star pallet could be expensive, but the pallete was in the toddler's reach, so what was the mother expecting? For the toddler to immediately and automatically understand the complexity of not touching things even if you can reach them? Honestly, it was a mistake, an accident on the child's part, but abuse is not the answer. My heart aches for the toddler who had to endure the abuse, which was chosen over a stupid pallete breaking.

  18. omg i just discovered your channel through this vid. now i'm binge watching everything! you are nothing but amazing and love this content! now back to the topic at hand. seriously…who hit's their child…especially one that is in their "terrible two's" then PLASTERS IT ON YOUTUBE?!?! this "woman" pisses me tf off.

  19. Thank you SO much for being vocal and willing to speak out about this!❤❤ I'm not great at explaining what I mean in text so please bear with me… I'm deaf and use BSL so reading facial expressions is part of the way I communicate, the pure emotion on your face when talking about your childhood literally made my eyes leak!😢😢 Thank you for sharing your experiences with the World, it helps others understand the impact of child abuse and how it affects folk in their adult years and hopefully it will give folk a better understanding of how their actions affect their children for the rest of their life's!🤔🤔 Again, I'm not great at explaining what I mean so I really REALLY hope that I've explained myself in an appropriate way and not offended anyone or come across as an asshat!🤔🤔🤞🤞❤❤

  20. My heart hurts for this child. To beat a baby and brag that you hurt yourself on a small defenseless human is… I don't have words. Like a child depends on you and trusts you to keep them safe. To break that trust and to teach a person that those who love them also hurt them is unacceptable and ungodly.

  21. i feel bad for the little girl, as someone who wanted kids and never got the chance to it makes me sad. the other thing that makes me sad is everyone wanting to pretty much condemn this michele person to death for this. She should have never of hit or popped the kid over some stupid makeup. but nobody is asking what led us to here? I do not know the person, and for all any of us know she could have been abused bad herself, shes a single mom how did that happen? did some guy con her to get into her pants and bailed when he found out she was prego? idk. maybe she never had anything good in her life? Nobody seems to want to ask why and how did we get here they just want to condemn. I honestly believe this michelle lady needs help maybe she needs good people in her life. idk just something to think about.

  22. As the parent of a 1 and a half year old I will say parenting can be stressful, kids do shit they’re not supposed to ALL THE TIME.. that being said, the way to handle that is absolutely NOT to abuse them.. I can’t even imagine being so mad over makeup, over anything, that I would choose to beat my child.. do I “punish” my son? Sure, I sit him down and talk to him, I end activities if his behavior is getting bad, but hit him? That’s awful.. I grew up in an abusive household as well, and I will never let me child experience what I did.. I was so disgusted by that woman

  23. I have nieces and nephews that I have taken care of when they were toddlers, all of which have done something bad to my property. By either getting it all dirty, tearing, breaking things, etc.

    I wouldn't even yell at them much less spank them. They were toddlers, it happens.
    You have to understand that as an adult, especially as a parent, if you don't, you really shouldn't be having kids.

  24. I came from an abusive household. I raised 4 children without corporal punishment. I'm helping to raise my grandson without it, too. You don't need to hit a child to get them to listen. All it tells them is that you hit when you're mad.
    Totally disgusting. Thanks for talking about this the way you did.

  25. Like you said she's two doesn't justify yelling or hitting her. Normal punishments are taking ing away toys or what not. But she's two!!! Maybe a naughty step for two minutes. But other than that if be concerned and hope authorities go and check the kid and her heath and we'll being. Although like you said she should of locked her stuff up.

  26. Super Nanny also has an Instagram where she makes IGTV series about specific topics that parents ask about like what to do if your child wakes up or doesn’t sleep and what to do if time out doesn’t work, etc. Just for the parents who might b watching and don’t resort to beatings like this mom did.

  27. It makes me sick. I heard the poor child in the background crying. Had to borrow my husbands good headphones cause the uploads to YouTube are so damn quiet. Wish someone would caption or transcribe them. Anyway it made me wanna cover Bella in a protective bubble. She does this really upset cry when she's super hungry (which she decides she is completely out of nowhere and goes from nought to 100 in a second). Anyway that cry breaks my heart. I have to pick her up and soothe her while I make her bottle (not an easy task but I can't just leave her to scream). This woman is seriously trying to backtrack by saying that she spanks her child when she doesn't listen to guidance. No two year old listens to guidance. My nephew barely does a thing he is told and he is nearly 3. It's normal and children that age act on impulse. They don't understand the whole actions and consequences thing until they are at least 4. Plenty of research supports that

  28. ve been sick, too. You look beautiful. I could barely take a shower and do laundry today. I as an advocate of fighting against child abuse since my early years, I really enjoyed this video. You don't beat a two year old. You dont keep expensive stuff around a two year old. I hope the person gets put in jail. Someone needs to get Child Services involved.

  29. I'm really sorry you had to deal with tensing up from "simple things." For me I get tense up from a group of people laughing because to me it sounds like yelling so you're not alone.

  30. Will be hugging my kitties (no kids, but poor mental health can be used against pets as well). I know all too well what that child is doomed to experience down the line, and I hope they end up being able to escape the cycle of abuse.

  31. When I saw the video I had flashbacks to when my mother beat me as a toddler for scribbling on her computer keyboard with a red marker.
    Fuck that woman she is not a mother. If you beat your kids you’re not a parent. You’re an abuser. You deserve your kids taken away.

  32. She uploaded this video . asswipe also this video the girl talking about it. Shut up!i agree with a lot of what saying,but still sad over a makeup pallette? And its ugly! And she was stupid enough to put up

  33. Does anyone else find the video quiet? I have hearing loss and my phone is full blast but it still seems quiet compared to her other videos. Rikki thank you for the captions, very appreciated!

  34. This is so sad. I don't believe in spanking my kids but I don't think parents who do are abusers but there are limits. You can "pop" an kid on the butt or the hand if touching things they shouldnt but I promise "time outs" are more effective. No matter what, YOU CAN'T HIT KIDS OUT OF ANGER! That's abuse!! If at any time u hit a child or baby cause ur mad, its abuse! Count to 10, count to 20 before you do it. Spanking is supposed to be a punishment, not revenge! Homegirl is lucky she lives nowhere near me cause I "would beat her ass" and it would be revenge!!

  35. On a random note (possible video idea) there is this girl on TikTok that is saying she is going to be “going deaf” for lent (so 40 days) and it’s just so many levels of cringe! She got fired (supposedly) from her job for “being deaf” (well her fake deaf) and “her religious beliefs” to me it just looks like she is being ableist to actual deaf people…what do you think? Her user name is @/efoxxxy

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